tar: Fix a few weprintf/eprintf format strings

Thanks to Jim Beveridge for spotting the incorrect utimensat error.

Turns out there are a few other instances of this in the vicinity.
Michael Forney 6 years ago
parent d90ba15f29
commit e6d3032131

@ -331,15 +331,15 @@ unarchive(char *fname, ssize_t l, char b[BLKSIZ])
times[0].tv_sec = times[1].tv_sec = mtime;
times[0].tv_nsec = times[1].tv_nsec = 0;
if (!mflag && utimensat(AT_FDCWD, fname, times, AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW) < 0)
weprintf("utimensat %s:\n", fname);
weprintf("utimensat %s:", fname);
if (h->type == SYMLINK) {
if (!getuid() && lchown(fname, uid, gid))
weprintf("lchown %s:\n", fname);
weprintf("lchown %s:", fname);
} else {
if (!getuid() && chown(fname, uid, gid))
weprintf("chown %s:\n", fname);
weprintf("chown %s:", fname);
if (chmod(fname, mode) < 0)
eprintf("fchmod %s:\n", fname);
eprintf("fchmod %s:", fname);
return 0;