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@ -1,15 +1,63 @@
cal [-1] [-3] [-y] [year]
chgrp [-R] groupname file...
chvt N
comm [-123] file1 file2
cut [-bcfs] [-d delim] list [file...]
df [-shia] [path]
diff [-ru] file1 file2
du [-hdi] [path]
env [-u] [name=value...] [command]
expand [-i] [-t N] [file...]
expr [expression]
id [-gnru] [user]
id [-ruGgn] username
md5sum [-c] [file...]
nice [-n N] [command]
paste [-s] [-d list] [file...]
printenv [variable...]
printf [format] [data...]
printf format [argument...]
readlink [-fem] file
rmdir [directory...]
seq [-s string] [N [N]] N
sha1sum [-c] [file...]
split [-a N] [-b N] [-l N] [input [prefix]]
test [expression...]
tr string1 [string2]
unexpand [-a] [-t N] [file...]
uniq [-diuc] [input [output]]
unlink file
yes [string]