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You are using 'se', the Georgia Tech screen editor which is
based upon the editor described in the book SOFTWARE TOOLS, by
Brian W. Kernighan and P. J. Plauger (Addison-Wesley,
1976). The screen-oriented modifications (and some others)
are by Jack Waugh and Perry Flinn. Dan Forsyth translated
the Ratfor into C. Arnold Robbins modified the editor to use
the Berkeley termlib library, making the editor terminal inde-
pendant. Most of this 'help' is courtesy of Bob Gordon of
Prime Research, as amended by Arnold Robbins. The descrip-
tion before you now is invoked by the "h" (help) command.
For a description of the 'help' command, type "hh".
Find out what the help command can tell you - type "hdir".
This is version 3.0. It is maintained by