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2022.02.08 - Convert to Makefile build system.
2022.02.07 - Forked se 3.0.1.
2013.03.24 - se 3.0.1 has been released. This is a security release. It is
recommended that all users upgrade. The release fixes
insecure handling of .serc files. The new behaviour is
to ignore .serc files that aren't owned by the euid of
the se process and .serc files that are writable by
other users. No other changes are included in this
release. Thank you to Matthias Kilian of the OpenBSD
project for alerting me to this issue.
2013.03.06 - se 3.0 has been released. This release includes major portability
enhancements and build system changes. The old makefile based
build system has been replaced with a slick new autotools
configure script. This, combined with some code modernization,
allows se to build and run on a variety of platforms. See the
ChangeLog for details.