Personal KISS Linux repository. Requires the kiss package management script to use.
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Mid Favila a5224a044e Add TWM to official/xorg 2 weeks ago
NR_MAINT_TOOLS Add tinyx-git. 2 months ago
libgccjit Replace NSS+NSPR package with separate NSS and NSPR packages from KISS Community. 6 months ago
mbase Package pixz. Add pixz and plzip to mbase. 7 months ago
ports Add TWM to official/xorg 2 weeks ago
NR_GUIDELINES Package libXaw3dXft. Other stuff. 8 months ago
NR_NOTES Package a version of tcc that pulls a git snapshot instead of a repo. 1 month ago
NR_README Begin work on statically linked core. 1 month ago