The base configuration for my FVWM setup. Includes core modules, logic, and functionality.
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# StartFunction executes every time FVWM executes.
# Load in necessary data.
Read ../fxde-data/prefrc
Read infra/funcrc
Read infra/varrc
Read infra/cosmrc
Read infra/kbindrc
Read infra/menurc
Read infra/windrc
Read modules/shelf
Read modules/taskbar
Read modules/pager
Read modules/events
# What do we autostart?
DestroyFunc StartFunction
AddToFunc StartFunction
+ I Exec $[infostore.posix]/janitor
+ I Function PrefFunc
+ I Function ModuleFunc
+ I Schedule 250 Function DaemonFunc
+ I Module FvwmCommandS
# This setting is useful if you have a multi-head system.
EdgeScroll 0 0
# This controls names and the number of pages you have.
DesktopName 0 General 1
DesktopName 1 General 2
DesktopName 2 General 3
DesktopSize 3x3