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@ -104,5 +104,16 @@ astonishly slow. If `awk` seems slow, you might try fixing that.
More generally, turning on optimization can significantly improve
`awk`'s speed, perhaps by 1/3 for highest levels.
## A Note About Maintenance
NOTICE! Maintenance of this program is on a ``best effort''
basis. We try to get to issues and pull requests as quickly
as we can. Unfortunately, however, keeping this program going
is not at the top of our priority list.
_If_ you (yes, you!) are interested in taking over active maintenance of
`awk`, please open an issue to indicate that fact, give a little bit of
your background and some idea of your plans and dreams. Thanks!
#### Last Updated
Wed Jan 1 22:44:38 IST 2020
Thu Jul 2 21:39:31 IDT 2020