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2023/02/19 - v0.3.2
-Improved URI parsing again
-Improved HTTP redirect handling capability
-Moved TLS out of dial and into main
-Improved debugging experience by shuffling around if(param[V])s
2022/12/13 - v0.3.1b
-Fixed Gopher support
-Improved URI parsing
2022/12/12 - v0.3b
-Crashes in new, exciting ways!
-I couldn't get it to segfault, but ymmv.
-Has TLS still. It's less trash this time but still not great.
-Still smaller than hurl, still more readable.
-Still has Gopher, but the new main() breaks support. Will fix.
-Apparently doesn't work on BSD. Will get around to this.
-<<<!!!NEW!!!>>> Has HTTP redirect capabilities. Woaoaoaoao.
2022/12/7 - v0.2b
-It did segfault. Segfaults less now.
-Still has TLS.
-Still smaller and more readable than hurl.
-Has Gopher now.
-Maybe works on BSD.
-Add an actual README.
2022/11/29 - v0.1b
-Doesn't segfault. Probably.
-Has TLS.
-It's smaller and more readable than hurl. Nyaaah