A set of POSIX* shell scripts designed for personal use. No guarantees when it comes to quality, as these are also used for various minor experiments of mine.
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-Move useful functions like rand() to their own files, to be used like libraries.
-Figure out a way to convert bookmarks to a textfile on exit and from the same on start, to facilitate sharing between machines
-Generally make it suck less.
-Add error-handling for when fpm -s is provided an argument - right now it hangs.
-Add error-handling for when $# == 0.
-No problems known at the moment.
-No problems known at the moment.
-Add support for playlists.
-Add support for channels.
-Add support for runtime choice of different video and audio streams, including e.g mixing a 1920x1080p stream with 158kbps webm audio.
-When user doesn't provide a choice, default to the highest-quality combined stream available.
-Allow viewing of more than ~20 things at a time - paging support?
-Add command-line parameter to allow retrieval of media based on provided URL - usecase with plumber.
-Expand support for meh if possible.
-No problems known at the moment.
-Hide excessive output during first run.
-Add error-handling for edgecases.
-No problems known at the moment.
-Make it actually useful. Also maybe use the ip(1) command when the regular suite of tools isn't available?
-Rewrite in C at some point [low priority]
-Add functionality for automatic generation and choosing of invidious instances that allow media downloads [high priority]
-Add support for Nitter.
-Improve handling of Reddit links (ideally people just wouldn't use Reddit, but alas)
-Remove redundant program calls e.g sed foo|sed bar with sed -ne 'foo' -e 'bar/p'
-Add proper handling of file:// URIs [high priority]
-Add support for FTP, SSH, and other protocols
-No problems known at the moment.