A resume generator using groff, courtesy of mtbakerguy.
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A simple resume generation system in groff

To start with, ensure you have a version of groff installed that supports PDF document generation. This typically won't be a problem unless you are on OSX and trying to use the default that comes with the os (typically fixable with a brew install groff). On a Linux system, you may need to install the full groff package as some distributions have a minimal installation that doesn't include the full suite of macro sets.

To test your environment, you should just type make GROFF=path2yourgroff and everything should build.

If you decide to clone the repository because you want to make changes, you can keep your personal resume private but still use make to build it. Instead of just typing make, you'll type make yourresumefile.pdf which will try to build yourresumefile.mom into your personal resume.

Motivation? It was fun and LaTeX is a really heavy environment to install.