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Moby von Briesen
b9b0b9cf12 It's working
Implement cobra and stuff
Right now there is just one root command
You can set a config file, or pass flags in via CLI
Haven't figured out how to use env variables yet
But if you run the root command,
It'll check the repo for issues, and generate an LLM prompt
You can copy-paste it to the LLM chat, then copy-paste the response to a
different file
Then press enter in the CLI tool, and it will parse the response and
open a PR with the change
2023-04-22 21:41:28 -04:00
Moby von Briesen
a570437b9c Initial commit (part 2)
I added some code
and comments too
it's almost set up
for me and you
2023-04-22 14:50:15 -04:00