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Maximillian von Briesen
Prompt improvements (#9)
improve prompt templates to get response in yaml format and make parsing easier
also add debug file functionality so that exact input, prompts, and output can be easily seen for every request
2023-09-04 16:44:59 -04:00
Moby von Briesen
dfef07a1c0 some changes
make some unnecessary logging debug logs
add some randomness into branch name
create directories as necessary if they don't exist
2023-05-15 19:23:36 -04:00
Moby von Briesen
157212c5fb small updates
convert errors to strings when bot is leaving a comment
comment out a portion of code that was unnecessarily pulling
2023-05-12 01:22:10 -04:00
Maximillian von Briesen
Multirepo support and lots of other stuff (#3)
* Parsing issue into llm request moved to `vc` package
* Converted "issue ID" string to "issue number" int
* Added config struct to `pullpal/common.go`
* Added multi-repo config support
* Added support for custom base branches for PRs
* Added configurable wait time
* Bot should comment on pull requests and threads when running into an
2023-05-12 00:59:21 -04:00
Maximillian von Briesen
begin implementing comments (#2)
add a section of the main loop that checks for comments on PRs that the
bot has opened

reworks git logic and adds debug commands for git and llm stuff
changes a  bunch of other stuff too
2023-05-08 20:14:19 -04:00
Maximillian von Briesen
cleanup/refactor (#1)
focus on fully automated as basic/default functionality. remove unnecessary commands except for local git debug. remove unnecessary interfaces and code. remove local git functionality from github client. probably some other stuff too
2023-05-04 20:01:46 -04:00
Moby von Briesen
10c77854a9 Create "local git client" and "openai client"
OpenAIClient can be used to interact with OpenAI's API. Untested at the
moment (except with an API key that does not yet have perms)
Local git client splits the "git" functionality (e.g. make commits,
checkout branches, etc...) away from the "github" client

I also removed a lot of duplicate code for the different commands in cmd
And created a basic "local issue" command to send a "code change
request" to the llm, and receive a code change response. Eventually, I
want this to make the corresponding local git changes, for the user to

TODO: github client should only be responsible for github-specific
actions, e.g. opening a PR or listing issues/comments
2023-04-25 20:32:08 -04:00