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package vc
import (
// Issue represents an issue on a version control server.
type Issue struct {
Number int
Subject string
Body string
URL string
Author Author
func (i Issue) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("Issue #: %d\nAuthor: %s\nSubject: %s\nBody:\n%s\nURL: %s\n", i.Number, i.Author.Handle, i.Subject, i.Body, i.URL)
// ListIssueOptions defines options for listing issues.
type ListIssueOptions struct {
// Labels defines the list of labels an issue must have in order to be listed
// The issue must have *every* label provided.
Labels []string
// Handles defines the list of usernames to list issues from
// The issue can be created by *any* user provided.
Handles []string
// Comment represents a comment on a code change request.
// TODO comments on issue?
type Comment struct {
ID int64
// ChangeID is the local identifier for the code change request this comment was left on (e.g. Github PR number)
ChangeID string
Author Author
Body string
Position int
FilePath string
DiffHunk string
URL string
Branch string
PRNumber int
func (c Comment) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("Comment ID: %d\nAuthor: %s\nBody: %s\nPosition: %d\n\nDiffHunk:\n%s\n\nURL: %s\nBranch:\n%s\n\nFilePath:\n%s\n\n", c.ID, c.Author.Handle, c.Body, c.Position, c.DiffHunk, c.URL, c.Branch, c.FilePath)
// ListCommentOptions defines options for listing comments.
type ListCommentOptions struct {
// Handles defines the list of usernames to list comments from
// The comment can be created by *any* user provided.
Handles []string
// Author represents a commit, issue, or code change request author on a version control server.
type Author struct {
Email string
Handle string
Token string
// Repository represents a version control repository and its local path.
type Repository struct {
LocalPath string
HostDomain string
Name string
Owner Author
localRepo *git.Repository
// SSH returns the SSH connection string for the repository.
func (repo Repository) SSH() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("git@%s:%s/%s.git", repo.HostDomain, repo.Owner.Handle, repo.Name)
// HTTPS returns the HTTPS representation of the remote repository.
func (repo Repository) HTTPS() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("https://%s/%s/%s.git", repo.HostDomain, repo.Owner.Handle, repo.Name)
type IssueBody struct {
PromptBody string
FilePaths []string
BaseBranch string
func ParseIssueBody(body string) IssueBody {
issueBody := IssueBody{
BaseBranch: "main",
// TODO get rid of parsing like this - "---" may occur in the normal issue body
divider := "---"
parts := strings.Split(body, divider)
issueBody.PromptBody = strings.TrimSpace(parts[0])
// if there was nothing to split, no additional configuration was provided
if len(parts) <= 1 {
return issueBody
configStr := parts[1]
configLines := strings.Split(configStr, "\n")
for _, line := range configLines {
lineParts := strings.Split(line, ":")
if len(lineParts) < 2 {
key := strings.ToLower(strings.TrimSpace(lineParts[0]))
if key == "base" {
issueBody.BaseBranch = strings.TrimSpace(lineParts[1])
if key == "files" {
filePaths := strings.Split(lineParts[1], ",")
for _, p := range filePaths {
issueBody.FilePaths = append(issueBody.FilePaths, strings.TrimSpace(p))
return issueBody