Johannes Winkelmann 90d05d9e51 prt-get: prepare 5.13
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2006-09-08 17:50:46 +00:00

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- add --rebuild-set to dependent
- use `eval $(fgrep -h 'PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR=' $(which pkgmk) /etc/pkgmk.conf) && echo
- allow dependency injection for sysup, with previews
- prefer toolchain (patch in trac)
- logging: check for non-root owned symlinks
- logging: reject relative logfile names
- parallel build and download
- download command
- rewrite arg parser
- default formats for printf and dup
- add update-footprint, update-md5sum commands (patch in trac)
- sysup
- allow injecting of new (uninstalled) dependencies
- allow to prohibit recompilation of packages when a dependency failed
to be updated in this sysup run
- big command consolidation
prt-get dep|depends [--tree|-T] [--recursive|-R] [--quick|-Q]
depends -> dep
current depends -> dep -R
quickdep -> dep -Q
deptree -> dep -T
Similar for other commands
- --quiet mode; suppress output of pkgmk and pkgadd
- prt-get diff stats: "100 Packages with differences"
- Make InstallTransaction a real install transaction:
- rollback pre-install if package building failed
- needs heavy refactoring to be easier to understand/maintain
- Test mode: global (is duplicated right now)
- remove should be in a transaction as well
- remove transaction
- install transaction
- etc.
- Transaction handler
- better examples for man page
- reorder message to avoid losing the important bits when installing
_lots_ of packages; maybe also think about forgeting not so
important things like packages installed before etc
- interrupt handler (ctrl-c) kill pkgmk/pkgadd, delete lock files, say
"prt-get: action cancelled"; warn when cancel during download ->
STATE variable, separate download and build.
- move command name out of execTransaction (would be wrong for e.g.
- symbolic exit codes
* questions:
- should there be a install/update mixed to mode, to install and update,
which ever method is needed?
- namespace prtget ?
- remove the path:package1, package2 filter functionality from the
config file again. This could be done by creating another ports
directories an creation symlinks there to. Could improve performance
- might people like ansi colors?