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#compdef prt-get prt-cache
help:'show this help'
version:'show the current version'
list:'show a list of available ports'
printf:'print formatted list of available ports'
listinst:'show a list of installed ports'
listorphans:'list of ports with no packages depending on them'
info:'show info about a port'
path:'show path of a port'
readme:'show a port'"'"'s readme file (if it exists)'
dup:'find duplicate ports'
isinst:'print whether ports are installed'
current:'print installed version of port'
diff:'list outdated packages (or check args for change)'
quickdiff:'same as diff but simple format'
depends:'show dependencies for these ports'
quickdep:'same as depends but simple format'
deptree:'show dependencies tree for <port>'
dependent:'show installed packages which depend on '"'"'port'"'"''
search:'show port names containing '"'"'expr'"'"''
dsearch:'show ports containing '"'"'expr'"'"' in the name or description'
fsearch:'show file names in footprints matching '"'"'pattern'"'"''
install:'install ports'
update:'update ports'
depinst:'install ports and their dependencies'
remove:'remove ports'
sysup:'update all outdated ports'
lock:'lock current version of packages'
unlock:'unlock packages'
listlocked:'list locked packages'
ls:'print a listing of the port'"'"'s directory'
cat:'print out '"'"'port/file'"'"''
edit:'edit '"'"'port/file'"'"''
# Options Information
"--depsort[Sort by dependencies]"
# Options for Differences / Check for updates
"--all[display locked ports too]"
"--prefer-higher[prefer higher installed versions over lower ports]"
"--strict-diff[override prefer higher configuration setting]"
# Options for Dependencies
"--all[list all dependent packages, not only installed]"
"--recursive[print recursive listing]"
"--tree[print recursive tree listing]"
"--softdeps[consider optional dependencies too]"
# Options for Install, Update and Removal
"-f[force installation]"
"-fi[force installation]"
"-fr[force rebuild]"
"-uf[update footprint]"
"-if[ignore footprint]"
"-um[update md5sum]"
"-im[ignore md5sum]"
"-us[update signature]"
"-is[ignore signature]"
"--margs=[pass 'string' to pkgmk]"
"--aargs=[pass 'string' to pkgadd]"
"--rargs=[pass 'string' to pkgrm]"
"--group[stop if any package fails to build]"
"--test[test mode]"
"--log[write log file]"
"--ignore=[Don't install/update those packages]:ignored packages:_allports"
"--pre-install[execute pre-install script]"
"--post-install[execute post-install script]"
"--install-scripts[execute pre-install and post-install script]"
# Options for System Update
"--nodeps[don't sort by dependencies]"
"--softdeps[consider optional dependencies when sorting]"
"--group[stop if any package fails to build]"
"--test[test mode]"
"--log[write log file]"
"--prefer-higher[prefer higher installed versions over lower ones in ports tree]"
"--strict-diff[override prefer higher configuration setting]"
'%P[optional dependencies]'
'%E[pre-install script]'
'%O[post-install script]'
'%l[is locked]'
# Options for General Options
"-v[Show version in listing]"
"-vv[Show version and decription in listing]"
"--path[Print path to port if appropriate (search, list, depends)]"
"--cache[Use a cache file]"
"--config=[Use alternative configuration file]:file:_files"
"--install-root=[Use alternative install root directory]:directory:_directories"
"--no-std-config[Don't parse default configuration file]"
"--config-prepend=[Prepend '..' to configuration]:directory:_directories"
"--config-append=[Append '..' to configuration]:directory:_directories"
"--config-set=[Set configuration data '..', overriding config file]:data"
# Port list generators
_allports() {
local -a list
list=(${(f)"$(prt-get list 2>/dev/null)"})
_describe 'ports' list
_installedports() {
local -a list
list=(${(f)"$(prt-get listinst 2>/dev/null)"})
_describe 'installedports' list
_notinstalledports() {
local -a installed_ports all_ports not_installed_ports
installed_ports=(${(f)"$(prt-cache listinst 2>/dev/null)"})
all_ports=(${(f)"$(prt-cache list 2>/dev/null)"})
_describe 'notinstalledports' not_installed_ports
_lockedports() {
local -a list
list=(${(f)"$(prt-cache listlocked 2>/dev/null)"})
_describe 'lockedports' list
_unlockedports() {
local -a installed locked list
installed=("${(f)$(prt-cache listinst)}")
locked=("${(f)$(prt-cache listlocked)}")
list=("${(f)$(echo ${installed[@]} ${locked[@]} | tr ' ' '\n' | sort | uniq -u)}")
_describe 'unlockedports' list
_outdatedports() {
local -a list
list=(${(f)"$(prt-cache quickdiff | tr ' ' '\n' | sort)"})
_describe 'outdatedports' list
# TODO: print files from <port> that exist inside the directory
# valid file for cat and edit
_validfiles() {
local -a list
_describe 'validfiles' list
# Main completion function
_arguments \
"${_options[@]}" \
":command:->command" \
# Command completion
case $state in
_describe 'commands' _commands
case $words[1] in
help | version | listorphans)
# No options for help | version command
_description list list '<filter>, e.g. *xorg*'
# TODO [<filter>]
_arguments -C \
# TODO <format>
# TODO [--sort=<format string2>] [--filter=<filter>]
local msg=(
'format string'
'[--sort=format_string2] [--filter=filter_string]'
'Supported format specifiers:'
'%n - name'
'%p - path'
'%v - version'
'%r - release'
'%d - description'
'%e - dependencies'
'%P - optional dependencies'
'%u - URL'
'%M - Maintainer'
'%R - Readme (yes/no)'
'%E - pre-install script (yes/no)'
'%O - post-install script (yes/no)'
'%l - is locked (yes/no)'
'%i - installed (no/yes/diff)'
info | path | readme | ls)
_arguments \
_arguments -S \
cat | edit)
_arguments -C \
":port:_allports" \
":validfiles:_validfiles" \
_arguments -S \
"*:outdatedports:_outdatedports" \
# No Options for quickdiff
depends | quickdep | isinst)
_arguments -S \
":port:_allports" \
_arguments \
":port:_allports" \
_arguments \
dup | listlocked)
# No arguments for dup and listlocked commands
search | dsearch)
# TODO <expr>
# TODO <pattern>
update | remove)
# TODO: highlight ports that have an update available?
# TODO: this completes only outdated once, if available,
# then show installedports..
_arguments -S \
":outdatedports:_outdatedports" \
"*:installedports:_installedports" \
install | depinst)
_arguments -S \
"*:notinstalledports:_notinstalledports" \
_arguments -S \
_arguments -S \
_arguments -S \