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\fBoldfiles\fP - display old packages and sources
.fam C
.B oldfiles [\-p|\-s|\-l]
.fam T
Oldfiles is a script to list outdated packages, sources, and build logs on a
CRUX system with central directories for those \fBpkgmk\fP(8) and
\fBprt\-get\fP(8) artifacts.
The global config /etc/pkgmk.conf must define PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR and
PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR (if using \fB\-s\fP or \fB\-p\fP), and /etc/prt-get.conf must
define \fIwritelog enabled\fP and a template for \fIlogfile\fP (if using
\fB\-l\fP). See \fBpkgmk.conf\fP(5) and \fBprt\-get.conf\fP(5) for details.
Without any options, \fBoldfiles\fP will default to showing only sources and
packages. The list of ports is built using \fBprt\-get\fP(8), so deactivating
a repository in /etc/prt-get.conf will result in all its ports' sources and
packages being flagged as old.
.B \-p
list only outdated packages
.B \-s
list only outdated sources
.B \-l
list only outdated build logs (those from packages that have since been
uninstalled, or from building a previous version)
\fBoldfiles\fP \fB-p\fP
will list all outdated packages.
\fBoldfiles\fP | xargs rm
will remove all outdated packages and sources.
\fBoldfiles\fP looks for the file /etc/oldfiles.conf (if present) that contains
a list of files that should be kept. The format is a simple list of filenames
(full path required). For example, if you share a directory of built packages
among other CRUX machines using \fBpkg\-get\fP(1) and \fBportspage\fP(1), you can
put something like the following into /etc/oldfiles.conf so that
the metadata files and html index will be omitted from the output.
.fam C
.fam T
Simone Rota <>
Mark Rosenstand <>
John McQuah <>
\fBpkgmk\fP(8), \fBprt-get\fP(8)