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A story about a sorcerer who risked everything to live the life she wished she'd wished for. Fanfic based on the works of Kathleen Brennen, Tom Waits, Tazmuir, Ursula K. Leguin, Patrica A. McKillip, Ron Edwards.

I can edit on mobile. So this is a great breakthrough.

We can work from here.

I want to write about using sorcery (as defined by Adept Press's Sorcerer) to live as the gender you want to. This fulfills my sorcery obsession with a project that probably finally answers the question of what I would actually want to use sorcerous powers for if I could. It will also work because the built-in problematic nature of sorcery according to the rule books is a good fit for my own intense self-doubts and fears.


  • Write an outline
  • Write some chapters.
  • Finish all the chapters.
  • Edit.
  • ...
  • Profit!

Consider whether to convert to IF sometime.