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@ -20,11 +20,11 @@ love she begins to pursue her in RL! (real life)
## Information Caligula XE is based on Conan Exiles. As a game it's a world
similar to the one depicted in some play documents I created. Basically Conan
Exiles & Roman Gladiators & Locke Tomb pastiche.
Exiles & Roman Gladiators & Locked Tomb pastiche.
Many incidents in the story can be based on game-play recalled from Conan
Exiles. In that game I really did play a character who fell in love with
another character names Katja, (Also Sigryn) in another server. Yyanu & Katja
another character names Katja. (Also Sigryn in another server.) Yyanu & Katja
were re-united across a couple of servers before losing touch.
## Caligula sections should read very much like a light novel\ In which RPG and
@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ themselves as trans because of their self-contempt.
The stkes are so much higher because Yyanu wants to fall in love with Kj's
player as a girl. But as we see above, John is unwilling to come out. Yyanu's
username is Jezibel or Anabel or something.
username is Jezibel or Anibel or something.
@k keeps teasing, flirting with and tormenting @a and often accuses her of
catfishing and of course that is exactly what John feels is true and @k is