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# Directory of forges
## Whitelist
The following forges have no significant ethical issues:
| *forge* | *registration publicly open* | *software* | *Tor-hostile* | *Cloudflare MitM* | *forced re/hCAPTCHA* | *forced execution of non-free software* | *notes* |
[]([🧅](http://git.fuwafuwaqtlkkxwc.onion))|🟢|Gitea|n|n|n|n|SSH over Tor [broken](http://git.fuwafuwaqtlkkxwc.onion/levena/fuwafuwa/issues/1); HTTPS over Tor works|
[](|🟢|Gitea 1.12.4|n|n|n|n||
[](|🟢|Gitea 1.13.1|n|n|n|n||
[](|🔴|Gitea 1.13.1|n|n|n|n|formerly|
[](|🟢|Gitea 1.13.1|n|n|n|n|SSH over Tor broken but HTTPS over Tor works|
[](|🟢|Gitea 1.13.6|n|n|n|n|SSH over Tor works; based in NL|
[](|🟢|Gitea 1.13.6|n|n|n|n||
[](|🟢|Gitea 1.13.6|n|n|n|n|SSH over Tor broken (try HTTPS over Tor)|
[](|🟢|Gitea 1.5.2|n|n|n|n||
[](|🟢|Gitlab (CE 13.10.2)|n|n|n|n|[may become more restricted]( in mid-2021|
[]([🧅](http://qs3zumwfci4tntnd.onion))|🟢|Gogs|n|n|n|n|based on [liberated]( fork of Gogs; [supports Tor]( (the *onion* web UI is currently disabled in response to attack but the onion site accepts git connections); supports SSH keys and SSH over Tor to NAB's onion service; no e-voting; NAB doesn't associate PGP keys to users, so PGP signed commits may be unavailable or more manual work needed.|
[](|🟢|Launchpad|n|n|n|n|It's [unknown]( whether it functions without JavaScript; no wiki|
[](|🟢|OSCHINA|n|n|n|n|based in China; registration over Tor with throwaway email works; no automatic mirror (unlike Gitea); some areas written in simplified chinese|
[](|🟢|Gitlab (CE)|n|n|n|n|possibly restricted to Jami efforts; acces to help page blocked to non-members so CE/EE unknown|
[](|🔴|Gitlab (CE)|n|n|n|n|Registration is open but broken-- requires 2FA using a device that can QR-scan, and the email verification link is DoA: ![](images/shivering-isles_broken_reg.png) That stale link error triggers even when accessed immediately.|
[](|🟢|Gitlab (CE)|n|n|n|n|possibly restricted to Freedesktop efforts|
[](|🟢|Gitlab (CE)|n|n|n|n|possibly restricted to Gnome efforts|
[](|🟢|Gitlab (CE)|n|n|n|n|possibly restricted to Tails efforts but no AUP says otherwise|
[](|🟢|Gitlab (CE)|n|n|n|n|open registration; repo creation possibly restricted; Google reCAPTCHA is [allegedley]( used, but [not at registration time](|
[](|🔴|Gitlab (CE)|n|n|n|n||
[](|🟢|Gitlab (EE)|n|n|n|n|open registration but activity is [restricted]( to efforts; no CAPTCHA (confirmed March 2021); is the JavaScript non-free with the enterprize edition?|
## Graylist
These forges are not as seriously flawed as the blacklisted ones, but they should still be avoided if possible. Non-Cloudflare sites that use a Cloudflare NS server pose a risk for disruptions because they can trivially and spontaneously flip a switch and route all your traffic through Cloudflare, potentially cutting access to some of your contributors. Dead sites are also graylisted because if they come back online, they are known to be unreliable. Codeberg is graylisted for falsely accusing a repository of illegal conduct and deleting the content of all forks from that project without evidence or redress.
| *forge* | *registration publicly open* | *software* | *Tor-hostile* | *Cloudflare MitM* | *forced re/hCAPTCHA* | *forced execution of non-free software* | *notes* |
([🧅](http://githidep2hynhdmutuv7n2tei4iie2c7lyqz5fes3r5zzoxe5dshtxyd.onion))|💀||n|n|n|n|**dead site**|
[](|🟢|Gitea|n|n|n|n|Based in Germany; [censored an anti-Cloudflare project]( in a reckless and destructive manner; functions without any JavaScript and the JavaScript that exists is all 1st-party ([ref](|
[](|💀|Gitea|n|n|n|n|**dead site**|
[](|🔴|Gitea 1.9.0|n|n|n|n|**Cloudflare NS server** (they can route all traffic via CF at the flip of a switch)|
[](|🟢|Gitlab (EE)|n|n|n|n|**Cloudflare NS server** (they can route all traffic via CF at the flip of a switch); possibly restricted to BSD efforts|
## Blacklist
These forges have severe ethical or trust issues and should be boycotted:
| *forge* | *registration publicly open* | *software* | *Tor-hostile* | *Cloudflare MitM* | *forced re/hCAPTCHA* | *forced execution of non-free software* | *notes* |
|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---||⛔ (exclusive walled garden)||👁|n|n|☣|**access granted or denied based on national origin**; [copious ethical issues](||⛔ (exclusive walled garden)||n|n|n|☣|**access granted or denied based on national origin**; Important site [functionality does not work without non-free JavaScript](||🟢|Bitbucket Server|n|n|n|☣|**Amazon AWS-hosted**; needs non-free javascript that [clusterfucks uMatrix](; has some relationship with Netlify; access to source code [restricted](||🔴|Gitea|n|🌩|n|n|reg by invite only||⛔ (exclusive walled garden)|Gitea 1.12.4|👁|n|n|n|Tor users get 404 - suspected botnet; [listed]( as a Cloudflare supporter||🟢|Gitlab (CE)|n|n|⚒|☣|reCAPTCHA impedes registration and imposes non-free s/w||⛔ (exclusive walled garden)|Gitlab (EE)|n|🌩|⚒|☣|flagship instance running the *Enterprise Edition*; uses both hCAPTCHA & reCAPTCHA; heavily restricted with discriminatory policies; [copious ethical issues](|