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[15]: http://web.archivecrfip2lpi.onion/web/20200318144031/
# Direct practical problems with using Microsoft Github
1. A survey [shows][0] that a significant number of bug reports are
**withheld** when the bug tracker is inside a restrictive or
politically controversial walled-garden like MS Github or
1. Github is Tor-hostile [according to Tor project][1]. GH has
started forcing Tor users through an extra email verification step
that effectively discourages bug reports:
1. Github takes a hostile posture toward burner accounts, and they
[enforce it][3]. Burner accounts are important for privacy because
aggregation of pseudo-anonymous identities enables adversaries to
identify someone. Even notwithstanding doxxing, aggregation blocks
someone from working on something like "a design for a better
marijuana bong" while also working on a project like "business
critical infrastructure" for his boss. The bong project might ruin
the user's reputation from the standpoint of a commercial job.
Burner accounts protect users so they can work on multiple
projects, and Microsoft bans that protection.
1. MS failed to secure Github, which was [breached to the tune of 500gb of private projects][4].
Then security was breached again in July 2020 when OAuth tokens were
[stolen][5] from both Github and
Security incompetence is further showcased by an MS-imposed requirement
to create and account and sign in to report an MS security bug.
And for those not discouraged by that, [the sign-in page][6] is also broken.
1. MS suppresses democracy by [blocking][7] Github access to a project
that facilitates protests in Catalonia.
MS also [banned][45] the account of an anti-censorship developer.
1. Free software projects that rely on non-free software
"[put everyone at the whim of the groups and individuals who produce the tools they depend on][8],"
and it puts free software developers in a position of hypocrisy.
## Ethical problems with using Microsoft products and services
7. Microsoft harms the **environment** by serving the two most destructive oil companies in the world: [ExxonMobil][9] and [Chevron][10].
1. (#ExxonKnew) Exxon notoriously [knew][11] about climate change
since 1977. They not only kept it secret from the public, but
they also financed a disinformation campaign.
1. Microsoft and Chevron were [caught][12] each paying $100k to
"the Cloakroom", a project to hide bribes going from large
corporations to republican politicians.
1. Chevron's right-leaning stance is further pushed through its
membership with ALEC, which doubles as a superPAC and bill mill
that lobbies and writes policy for U.S. republicans.
1. Microsoft is a notorious **privacy** abuser:
1. MS is a PRISM corporation prone to mass surveillance.
1. MS supported CISPA and [collaborates][13] with the NSA.
1. MS [paid][14] $195k to [fight][15] the California Consumer
Privacy Act (CCPA).
1. MS drug tests its employees, thus intruding on their privacy
outside the workplace.
1. MS finances other privacy abusers:
1. In 2012 Microsoft spent $35 million on Facebook ads and in
2015 Microsoft was the third biggest spender on Facebook
ads in the world.
1. MS proxies through Accenture to [make Sweden cashless][16].
The war on cash is war on privacy.
1. MS supplies Bing search service which gives high rankings to
[privacy-abusing][17] CloudFlare websites.
1. MS owns and operates Outlook Email and the LinkedIn social
media site, both of which are exclusive walled-gardens that
limit participation to those who have a phone number and the
will to share it with Microsoft.
1. MS supplies email service, which uses vigilante
extremist org *Spamhaus* to force residential internet
users to share all their e-mail metadata and payloads with
a corporate third-party.
1. MS [unlawfully][18] used people's images without consent to
train their facial recognition products
1. MS distributes a [nonfree operating system][19], Microsoft
Windows, which is jam-packed with
[malicious functionalities][20], including surveillance of
users, DRM, censorship and a universal back door.
1. MS was [caught][21] surreptitiously recording Xbox users and
paying contractors to listen to the recordings.
1. Dutch government commissioned [a study][22] which found
Microsoft to have [several GDPR violations][23]. E.g. Office
365 violates [GDPR article 5][24] ¶ `1.c`,
[GDPR article 17][25], and stores the data outside the EEA (may
also be a GDPR breach).
1. Microsoft is detrimental to **human rights** and **democracy**
1. Microsoft [finances AnyVision][26] to produce facial
recognition technology that the Israeli military uses as a
weapon against the Palestinian people who they oppress in their
occupation. Note that Israeli snipers [murdered][27] an unarmed
civilian Palestinian medic (in breach of the Geneva Convention)
then [edited][28] the video to deceive the public for PR damage
1. Microsoft [supports ICE][29] in a variety of ways in the course
of ICE's implementation of Trump's xenophobic border
policies. Microsoft services an ICE contract worth
[$19.4 million dollars][30] despite protest from employees. In
addition to MS Office products, Microsoft has renewed a
[Github contract][31] and also supplies cloud computing through
its [Azure platform][32].
1. MS [partnered with FedEx][33], an NRA-supporting ALEC member as
well as [JP Morgan Chase][34], the most evil bank in the world.
1. MS [conceals][35] US military contracts to bias PR and dodge
social accountablity. They have a much bigger piece these
contracts than the rest of MACFANG, they lack Google's
[AI principles][36], and unlike Google they ignore employee
protest and petitions.
1. MS is among the top 15 recipients of Trump's corporate tax breaks,
a benefit of $128 billion. Microsoft
[sacked hundreds of employees][37] immediately after receiving the
tax breaks in February 2018.
1. MS is **anti-consumer** and anti-competitive
1. MS [tricked][38] users into "upgrading" to Windows 10, which
[sabotages][39] users in a variety of ways, one of which is to
[prevent cloud-free accounts][40].
1. MS [strong-armed][41] nearly all PC manufacturers charge every
buyer for an MS Windows license regardless of whether the user
actually wants Windows.
1. MS [hoards][42] software patents and uses them to [fight free software][43].
1. Github [has an F rating][44] by the FSF.