Personal Gentoo overlay, mostly containing audio packages
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Ryan Fox 0900b81a39
media-plugins/bslizr: Remove old
2 days ago
app-dicts/artha app-dicts/artha: New package 7 months ago
app-emulation/x16-emulator app-emulation/x16-emulator: New package 6 months ago
dev-embedded/cc65 dev-embedded/cc65: New package 6 months ago
dev-libs dev-libs/mustach: Bump to 1.1.0 2 days ago
dev-python dev-python/libversion: New package 3 days ago
eclass Add projucer.eclass 7 months ago
games-rpg/tuxemon games-rpg/tuxemon: Add live ebuild 3 months ago
games-util/multimc5 games-util/multimc5: Bump to 0.6.12 3 days ago
gui-libs/libdecoration gui-libs/libdecoration: New package 8 months ago
licenses dev-libs/juce: New package 7 months ago
media-gfx/glslviewer media-gfx/glslviewer: Bump to 1.7.0 2 days ago
media-libs media-libs/libaudec: Update URIs 3 days ago
media-plugins media-plugins/bslizr: Remove old 2 days ago
media-sound media-sound/pyterm: Bump to 0.5b10 6 days ago
media-video/olive Add metadata to all packages 11 months ago
metadata layout.conf: Disable manifest signing 9 months ago
net-im/lightcord-bin net-im/lightcord-bin: Bump to 0.1.5 3 months ago
profiles Mask the modified OpenSSL ebuild 6 months ago
sci-geosciences/osmapy sci-geosciences/osmapy: New package 7 months ago
scripts Add broken version checking script 9 months ago
x11-libs x11-libs/ztoolkit: Bump to 0.1.2 3 days ago
LICENSE.txt Add GPLv2 1 year ago
README.txt Add more information to README 8 months ago



A personal Gentoo overlay for flewkey, with miscellaneous packages.

Use the folling command to add it with layman:
layman -a flewkey-overlay

Please contact me if there are any issues with these ebuilds. I would be glad
to provide support and correct any problems they may have.

Audio-related ebuilds may be removed if they are added to the audio-overlay. I
recommend adding their overlay, since it is well maintained and held to proper
quality standards.

Send questions, issues, and patches to