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# NOTE: compile.sh looks for this file in order to determine if this is the Cuberite folder.
# Please modify compile.sh if you want to rename or remove this file.
# This file was chosen arbitrarily and it is a good enough indicator that we are in the Cuberite folder.
set -e
KERNEL=$(uname -s)
echo "Identifying kernel: $KERNEL"
if [ "$KERNEL" = "Linux" ]; then
PLATFORM=$(uname -m)
echo "Identifying platform: $PLATFORM"
case $PLATFORM in
"i686") DOWNLOADURL="https://download.cuberite.org/linux-i686/Cuberite.tar.gz" ;;
"x86_64") DOWNLOADURL="https://download.cuberite.org/linux-x86_64/Cuberite.tar.gz" ;;
# Assume that all arm devices are a raspi for now.
arm*) DOWNLOADURL="https://download.cuberite.org/linux-armhf-raspbian/Cuberite.tar.gz" ;;
# Allow install on Raspberry Pi 4 Ubuntu x64 (AArch64) using the ARM builds.
"aarch64") DOWNLOADURL="https://download.cuberite.org/linux-armhf-raspbian/Cuberite.tar.gz"
elif [ "$KERNEL" = "Darwin" ]; then
# All Darwins we care about are x86_64
#elif [ "$KERNEL" = "FreeBSD" ]; then
# DOWNLOADURL="https://builds.cuberite.org/job/Cuberite%20FreeBSD%20x64%20Master/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/Cuberite.tar.gz"
echo "Unsupported kernel."
exit 1
echo "Downloading precompiled binaries."
curl -Ls $DOWNLOADURL | tar -xzf -
echo "Done."
echo "Cuberite is now installed, run using 'cd Server; ./Cuberite'."