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peterbell10 b5f29d5d2c Stop cFunctionRef constructor from disabling default copy constructor. (#4173) 4 years ago
mathiascode 02775e52c4 Minor changes (#3909) 5 years ago
Mattes D 86d3244549 Doxygen: added icon, autobrief. 5 years ago
mathiascode efc7fed05b Updated links and docs (#3488) 6 years ago
Mathias 9460e3b2cd Minor update 7 years ago
Mattes D 80e1eb37dd Renamed leftover strings to Cuberite / Server, as needed. 7 years ago
Alexander Harkness 8b851d5048 Added HTTPS links wherever they are supported. 7 years ago
madmaxoft 4828899204 DoxyFile: Updated after all the folder renaming. 8 years ago
madmaxoft@gmail.com 43c35238ae Doxyfile: Added exclusions for SQLite and the unused Squuirrel bindings 9 years ago
madmaxoft@gmail.com 57e56ae561 Doxygen: Alpha-sorted class member docs 9 years ago
madmaxoft@gmail.com 0b4a84969c Added the Doxygen configuration file 10 years ago