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Added the login sequence of a vanilla client to the docs.

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This is the connection sequence of the 1.6.2 client to a vanilla server, after the encryption has been established:
S->C: 0xfc (encryption key response) empty payload (4 * 0x00)
C->S: 0xcd (client statuses)
S->C: 0x01 (login)
S->C: 0xfa (plugin message) - "MC|Brand": "vanilla"
S->C: 0x06 (compass)
S->C: 0xca (player capabilities)
S->C: 0x10 (slot select)
S->C: 0x04 (time update)
S->C: 0xc9 (player list item)
S->C: 0x0d (player pos + look)
S->C: 0x04 (time update)
S->C: 0x68 (window contents)
S->C: 0x67 (slot contents) - Window -1, slot -1
S->C: 0x67 (slot contents) - Window 0, slot 9 .. 44, only occupied slots
S->C: 0x38 (chunk bulk)
S->C: 0x28 (entity metadata) player metadata
S->C: 0x2c (entity properties) player properties
S->C: 0x04 (time update)
S->C: 0x38 (chunk bulk)
C->S: 0xcc (client settings / locale and view)
C->S: 0xfa (plugin message) - "MC|Brand": "vanilla"
C->S: 0x0d (player pos + look)
S->C: 0x38 (chunk bulk)