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Hello! Thanks for wanting to work on this project :smile:, and I hope that this file will help you somewhat in getting all set up and running. I'll go through the basics of getting the project environment set up, the code organization and style, and general development practices. I'll also show you some good issues to start off working on to get yourself familiarised with the code.
Note that this document is about contributing code for Cuberite.
- If you are looking for usage instructions, see the [user manual](https://book.cuberite.org/) instead.
- If you would like to help but you are not a programmer, you can still help with testing! Please see the `TESTING.md` file.
Minecraft Basics

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Contributing by testing Cuberite
You can help us even if you are not a programmer! This document explains how.
If you would like to help with coding instead, see `README.md` and `GETTING-STARTING.md`.
Here are things you can help with without being a programmer:
- Run and test Cuberite. Report issues, bugs, crashes, and stacktraces at the [issue tracker](https://github.com/cuberite/cuberite/issues). This is best done in debug mode.
- Test unmerged versions (known as branches or Pull Requests) which are marked with the [ingame-testing-needed](https://github.com/cuberite/cuberite/pulls?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Apr+label%3Aingame-testing-needed) label.
Note that code marked with `ingame-testing-needed` is not always available, and sometimes the above list will be empty.
Please use the issue tracker search feature and make sure your issue has not been reported before!
Obtaining Debug builds
When testing Cuberite, debug builds are preferred because they output detailed info about the problem that had occured at the server console.
Currently, we do not provide debug builds. You will have to compile Cuberite yourself to obtain them. See the compilation instructions.
You can also test with regular builds.
Testing unmerged pull requests
To test unmerged branches, pick one from the [ingame-testing-needed](https://github.com/cuberite/cuberite/pulls?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Apr+label%3Aingame-testing-needed) list, and follow the download instructions.
If you are familiar with git, you can also fetch and compile the unmerged branch instead.