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QtBiomeVisualiser: Generator uses all machine threads.

The previous limit of 1 thread was lifted, now the generator source runs on all CPU threads available.
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Mattes D 2014-10-29 23:04:59 +01:00
parent d898fb904b
commit 4e0cef0ff6
2 changed files with 72 additions and 9 deletions

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@ -27,10 +27,10 @@ BioGenSource::BioGenSource(cIniFilePtr a_IniFile) :
void BioGenSource::getChunkBiomes(int a_ChunkX, int a_ChunkZ, Chunk & a_DestChunk)
cChunkDef::BiomeMap biomes;
QMutexLocker lock(&m_Mtx);
m_BiomeGen->GenBiomes(a_ChunkX, a_ChunkZ, biomes);
int tag;
cBiomeGenPtr biomeGen = getBiomeGen(tag);
biomeGen->GenBiomes(a_ChunkX, a_ChunkZ, biomes);
releaseBiomeGen(std::move(biomeGen), tag);
@ -40,10 +40,53 @@ void BioGenSource::getChunkBiomes(int a_ChunkX, int a_ChunkZ, Chunk & a_DestChun
void BioGenSource::reload()
int seed = m_IniFile->GetValueSetI("Seed", "Seed", 0);
bool unused = false;
QMutexLocker lock(&m_Mtx);
m_BiomeGen = cBiomeGen::CreateBiomeGen(*m_IniFile, seed, unused);
m_CurrentTag += 1;
cBiomeGenPtr BioGenSource::getBiomeGen(int & a_Tag)
QMutexLocker lock(&m_Mtx);
a_Tag = m_CurrentTag;
if (m_BiomeGens.empty())
// Create a new biogen:
int seed = m_IniFile->GetValueSetI("Seed", "Seed", 0);
bool unused;
cBiomeGenPtr res = cBiomeGen::CreateBiomeGen(*m_IniFile, seed, unused);
return res;
// Return an existing biogen:
cBiomeGenPtr res = m_BiomeGens.back();
return res;
void BioGenSource::releaseBiomeGen(cBiomeGenPtr && a_BiomeGen, int a_Tag)
QMutexLocker lock(&m_Mtx);
// If the tag differs, the source has been reloaded and this biogen is old, dispose:
if (a_Tag != m_CurrentTag)
// The tag is the same, put the biogen back to list:

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@ -53,10 +53,30 @@ protected:
cIniFilePtr m_IniFile;
/** The generator used for generating biomes. */
cBiomeGenPtr m_BiomeGen;
std::vector<cBiomeGenPtr> m_BiomeGens;
/** Guards m_BiomeGen against multithreaded access. */
/** Guards m_BiomeGens against multithreaded access. */
QMutex m_Mtx;
/** Keeps track of the current settings of the biomegens.
Incremented by one each time reload() is called. Provides the means of releasing old biomegens that were
in use while reload() was being processed and thus couldn't be changed back then. releaseBiomeGen() does
the job of filtering the biogens before reusing them. */
int m_CurrentTag;
/** Retrieves one cBiomeGenPtr from m_BiomeGens.
If there's no biogen available there, creates a new one based on the ini file.
When done with it, the caller should call releaseBiomeGen() to put the biogen back to m_BiomeGens.
a_Tag receives the value of m_CurrentTag from when the lock was held; it should be passed to
releaseBiomeGen() together with the biogen. */
cBiomeGenPtr getBiomeGen(int & a_Tag);
/** Marks the specified biogen as available for reuse (puts it back into m_BiomeGens).
a_Tag is the value of m_CurrentTag from the time when the biogen was retrieved; if it is different from
current m_CurrentTagValue, the biogen will be disposed of (because reload() has been called in the
meantime). */
void releaseBiomeGen(cBiomeGenPtr && a_BiomeGen, int a_Tag);