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MCServer [![Build Status](http://img.shields.io/travis/mc-server/MCServer.svg)](https://travis-ci.org/mc-server/MCServer) [![Support via Gittip](http://img.shields.io/gittip/on%2Fgithub%2Fmc-server.svg)](https://www.gittip.com/on/github/mc-server/) [![tip for next commit](http://tip4commit.com/projects/74.svg)](http://tip4commit.com/projects/74)
**Current Protocol Supported:** Minecraft v1.2 -> v1.7
MCServer is a performant C++ Minecraft server designed for use in memory and cpu-limited places, or just to make regular server perform better.
MCServer can run on PCs, Macs, and *nix. This includes android phones and tablets as well as Raspberry Pis.
**MCServer Currently Supports:** Minecraft v1.2 -> v1.7
To install MCServer, you can either download the repository and compile it, or download a pre-compiled version.
Normally, you will want to download a pre-compiled version of MCServer from one of the buildservers:
If you've cloned the repository using Git, you need to pull down the submodules (core plugins, some dependencies). This can be achieved with `git submodule init` and then on a regular basis (to keep up to date) `git submodule update`.
* [Linux and Raspberry Pi](http://ci.bearbin.net) (Bearbin's CI Server)
* [Windows](http://mc-server.xoft.cz) (xoft's nightly build service)
If you downloaded a ZIP file of the sources instead, you will need to download PolarSSL, too, from https://github.com/polarssl/polarssl , and unpack it into the `lib/polarssl` folder. You will also need to manually download all the plugins that you want included.
You simply need to download and extract these files before you can use the server.
Compilation instructions are available in the COMPILING file.
Linux builds can be downloaded from [Bearbin's CI Service](http://ci.bearbin.net) and Windows builds from xoft's [nightly build service](http://mc-server.xoft.cz).
After you've extracted the files, simply run the MCServer executable.
If you're a more advanced user, you may want to compile the server yourself for more performance. See the [COMPILING.md](https://github.com/mc-server/MCServer/blob/master/COMPILING.md) file for more details.
@ -30,7 +27,7 @@ MCServer is licensed under the Apache license V2, and we welcome anybody to fork
Other Stuff
For other stuff, including plugins and discussion, check the [forums](http://forum.mc-server.org) and [wiki](http://wiki.mc-server.org/).
For other stuff, including plugins and discussion, check the [forums](http://forum.mc-server.org) and [Plugin API](http://mc-server.xoft.cz/LuaAPI/).
Earn bitcoins for commits or donate to reward the MCServer developers: [![tip for next commit](http://tip4commit.com/projects/74.svg)](http://tip4commit.com/projects/74)