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@echo off
:: Profiling using a MSVC standalone profiler
:: See http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/144643/Profiling-of-C-Applications-in-Visual-Studio-for-F for details
:: Note that this script assumes a newer version of the tool, Performance Tools 2010, so that it is Win7-compatible
:: Download at http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=23205
:: This script sets the profiler up, then starts the app, waits for it to finish and stops the profiler.
:: Then it generates all the CSV report files
:: It expects the MS Performance tools installed in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Team Tools\Performance Tools
:: You can override this path by setting the pt environment variable prior to launching this script
:: By default it will launch the 32-bit release version of MCServer; set the app environment variable to another executable to run that instead.
:: Set the IsExecutablex64 env variable to \x64 to profile a 64-bit executable instead (available as the profile_run_x64.cmd script)
:: Note that the app needs to be compiled with the "/PROFILE" flag in order for the profiling to work
:: Get the 32-bit program files folder
:: Note that in Win7 the %ProgramFiles% variable points to 32-bit program files for normal users and to 64-bit program files for elevated users
:: This script needs elevation, but the performance tools are 32-bit only
if "%programfiles(x86)%p" == "p" (
set ProgFiles="%ProgramFiles%"
) else (
set ProgFiles="%ProgramFiles(x86)%"
:: Check that the required variables exist, provide defaults:
if %pt%n == n (
set pt="%ProgFiles:"=%\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Team Tools\Performance Tools"
if %app%n == n (
set app=MCServer_profile.exe
if %outputdir%n == n (
set outputdir=..\Profiling
:: Create the output directory, if it didn't exist
mkdir %outputdir%
:: Start the profiler
set outputname=profile.vsp
set output=%outputdir%\%outputname%
%pt%%IsExecutablex64%\vsperfcmd /start:sample /output:%output%
if errorlevel 1 goto haderror
:: Launch the application via the profiler
%pt%%IsExecutablex64%\vsperfcmd /launch:%app%
if errorlevel 1 goto haderrorshutdown
:: Shut down the profiler (this command waits, until the application is terminated)
%pt%%IsExecutablex64%\vsperfcmd /shutdown
if errorlevel 1 goto haderror
:: cd to outputdir, so that the reports are generated there
cd %outputdir%
:: generate the report files (.csv)
%pt%\vsperfreport /summary:all %outputname% /symbolpath:"srv*C:\Programovani\Symbols*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols"
if errorlevel 1 goto haderror
goto finished
echo An error was encountered, shutting down the profiler
%pt%%IsExecutablex64%\vsperfcmd /shutdown
echo An error was encountered