Various scripts to be used with the Maxima computer algebra system
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Numerical routines for Maxima

This repository contains various scripts to be used with the ([Maxima] computer algebra system. The files are written either in Lisp or in Maxima's own scripting language.

Each script contains some documentation in the initial comments at the top of the file.

Each file can be loaded with load("myscript.mac"); or load("myscript.lisp");

You can also put some of these files in your ~/.maxima/ directory, which will make you able to load them from any current location (even if the required file is not in your current directory).

Files written in Lisp can also be compiled; just type:

:lisp (compile-file "myscript.lisp");

then look for the newly compiled file with a name ending in .o or .fasl (according to the Lisp implementation used by your version of Maxima) in your current directory and load it instead of the original one.