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Michael Vetter
b16bdca726 ox: show ox preferences 2022-05-05 23:55:31 +02:00
Michael Vetter
d011d6707c ox: Add /ox log command 2022-05-05 23:41:45 +02:00
Michael Vetter
66eeccf408 ox: only process proper messages
We only want to have the decrypted message or the alternative body in

Also let's print error messages if it makes sense and log other issues.

Partly addresses the commit in the comit mesage of:
2022-05-04 16:11:00 +02:00
Michael Vetter
1eaa2c1529 ox: prefix function _openpgp_signcrypt with ox_
To make the destinction clearer and easier to search.
2022-05-04 14:26:43 +02:00
Michael Vetter
54b57326b8 ox: have metadata node open
Should have been done alogn with e9f218cdf6.

Like this people who are not in the roster can get our public key and
write messages to use.
2022-05-04 13:46:02 +02:00
Michael Vetter
0500e209a6 ox: return upon invalid fingerprint 2022-05-04 13:37:12 +02:00
Michael Vetter
Merge pull request #1703 from profanity-im/feat/ox-improvements1
Several OX improvements
2022-05-04 12:05:39 +02:00
Michael Vetter
e5e661e92d ox: fix mistakes in p_ox_gpg_decrypt()
strcpy() can't work here because the data doesn't have to be
NULL-terminated. So let's use memcpy.

Fix memleak of plain_str.
2022-05-04 11:35:15 +02:00
Michael Vetter
281c8b7d8d Improve ox command help
Mention new man page.
Correct the usage of /ox request.
2022-05-04 00:22:18 +02:00
Michael Vetter
acedd42d78 ox: print message when /ox end is run but not started 2022-05-04 00:03:45 +02:00
Michael Vetter
58911926de ox: print more error messages to UI 2022-05-03 23:39:10 +02:00
Michael Vetter
c3deb5d325 ox: dont require marginal trust level
Maybe we can make this configurable later.
So users have the freedom to be more strict.

This commit partly reverts 62018f48c5.

Example to edit trust level:
gpg --edit-key somekeyid
gpg (GnuPG) 2.3.4; Copyright (C) 2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

pub  rsa4096/keyid
     created: 2020-06-26  expires: 2022-06-26  usage: SC
     trust: unknown       validity: full
sub  rsa4096/keyid
     created: 2020-06-26  expires: 2022-06-26  usage: E
[  full  ] (1). xmpp:user@domain.de

gpg> trust
pub  rsa4096/keyid
     created: 2020-06-26  expires: 2022-06-26  usage: SC
     trust: unknown       validity: full
sub  rsa4096/keyid
     created: 2020-06-26  expires: 2022-06-26  usage: E
[  full  ] (1). xmpp:user@domain.de

Please decide how far you trust this user to correctly verify other users' keys
(by looking at passports, checking fingerprints from different sources, etc.)

  1 = I don't know or won't say
  2 = I do NOT trust
  3 = I trust marginally
  4 = I trust fully
  5 = I trust ultimately
  m = back to the main menu

Your decision? 3

pub  rsa4096/keyid
     created: 2020-06-26  expires: 2022-06-26  usage: SC
     trust: marginal      validity: full
sub  rsa4096/keyid
     created: 2020-06-26  expires: 2022-06-26  usage: E
[  full  ] (1). xmpp:user@domain.de
Please note that the shown key validity is not necessarily correct
unless you restart the program.

gpg> quit
2022-05-03 23:11:25 +02:00
Stefan Kropp
c9e6a89aea Bugfix OX rpad generation
< No comment - should be much better now >
   \ >()_
      (__)__ _
2022-05-03 23:00:11 +02:00
Stefan Kropp
62018f48c5 ox_key_is_usable - Logging and owner trust check
* Added logging messages (INFO if key can not be used)
 * Check owner_trust < GPGME_VALIDITY_MARGINAL

The key can not be used if the owner_trust is less than MARGINAL.
2022-05-03 23:00:11 +02:00
Michael Vetter
7acc044a52 ox: use glib date function in _gettimestamp and fix memleak 2022-05-03 21:26:31 +02:00
Michael Vetter
e16bff2328 ox: Use connection_create_stanza_id() instead of xmpp_uuid_gen() 2022-05-03 19:54:43 +02:00
Michael Vetter
e5998fb63e ox: implement /ox end
We also need to be able to stop an ox conversation :-)
2022-05-03 18:54:20 +02:00
Michael Vetter
c8daee8c88 ox: use iq_id_handler_add instead of xmpp_id_handler_add 2022-05-03 18:34:07 +02:00
Michael Vetter
794bd25cd9 ox: use iq_send_stanza instead of xmpp_send 2022-05-03 18:27:20 +02:00
Michael Vetter
e9f218cdf6 ox: use pubsub acces model open when announce ox public key 2022-05-03 18:20:11 +02:00
Michael Vetter
411887e443 Add draft of OX setup manpage
This man page should help people to set up OX in profanity.
We have profanity-ox.1 which is the same as `/help ox` and describes how
to use OX.

This man page will help with the setup with the external gpg program.

Based on the blogpost of Stefan:
2022-05-03 17:45:54 +02:00
Michael Vetter
4cbfe21914 Remove developer notes on OX
This was done before OX was implemented. In 0.10 ox landed in Profanity
and we have the blogpost:
https://profanity-im.github.io/blog/post/openpgp-for-xmpp-ox/ to
describe the usage.

We will have a man page to help users with the setup as well.
2022-05-03 17:42:30 +02:00
Michael Vetter
be55b16bef Restore default behaviour for stamps
@mdosch discovered that we now don't print `:` for messages from others

is fixed lets restore the default behaviour to always add `:` in

The result will be that a stamp set to `-->` will also look like `-->:`.
2022-05-03 12:17:29 +02:00
Michael Vetter
Merge pull request #1702 from mdosch/fix-autocomplete-ox-discover
Fix autocomplete for `/ox discover`.
2022-05-02 18:06:10 +02:00
Martin Dosch
c72c3f797c Fix autocomplete for /ox discover. 2022-05-02 17:33:01 +02:00
Michael Vetter
95686eb642 ox: add jid autocompletion for /ox request 2022-05-02 10:23:24 +02:00
Michael Vetter
22064b3a28 contrib: request screenshot upon UI change 2022-05-02 09:59:08 +02:00
Michael Vetter
Merge pull request #1701 from profanity-im/log-changes
Log file improvements
2022-04-29 19:38:51 +02:00
Michael Vetter
82a2b17c1f Use profanity.001.log instead of profanity.log.001 for rotated logs
Rotated log files will now be: `.local/share/profanity/logs/profanity.001.log`
We only use logrotation if we use the default log file ending with .log.
So Replacing the `.` should be fine.

User supplied log files are not rotated.
2022-04-29 19:19:01 +02:00
Michael Vetter
188afc58da Use 3 digits for rotated logfiles
profanity.log.001 -> 999.
2022-04-29 15:40:56 +02:00
Michael Vetter
c4d7f1c29a Set default max log size to 10MB
In case logrotate is on.
2022-04-29 15:40:50 +02:00
Michael Vetter
Merge pull request #1700 from profanity-im/feat/change-chatlog
Use ISO8601 as date format in log files
2022-04-29 14:13:25 +02:00
Michael Vetter
4220a1832d Use ISO8601 for log files 2022-04-29 13:05:02 +02:00
Michael Vetter
534ed34d73 Use ISO8601 for chatlogs
For both 1:1 and groupchat.
2022-04-29 13:04:16 +02:00
Michael Vetter
Merge pull request #1663 from akaWolf/add_stamp_settings
Add option to configure incoming/outgoing stamps
2022-04-28 19:50:15 +02:00
Michael Vetter
Merge branch 'master' into add_stamp_settings 2022-04-28 19:33:23 +02:00
Michael Vetter
0dd0193eba use more standard replies when setting stamp 2022-04-28 19:31:27 +02:00
Michael Vetter
6c5d983f13 Rename stamp preference variable
2022-04-28 19:29:27 +02:00
Michael Vetter
69a8fdec95 Rewrite stamp help 2022-04-28 19:26:59 +02:00
Michael Vetter
Merge pull request #1697 from cockroach/feature/offline-muc-notifications
Add support for offline MUC notifications
2022-04-28 18:32:26 +02:00
Michael Vetter
69663b83c8 Fix ox autocompletion
Sometimes this happened:
 `ox d<tab>` → `/ox request`
 `ox a<tab>` → `/ox request`
 `ox c<tab>` → `/ox keys`
 `ox s<tab>` → `/ox keys`
 `ox e<tab>` → `/ox keys`

We didn't reset the ox_*_ac variables.
2022-04-28 17:54:12 +02:00
Michael Vetter
9fcd589682 ox: group online autocompletion together 2022-04-28 17:37:24 +02:00
Michael Vetter
2dc0cc489c ox: dont print empty body message
Fix https://github.com/profanity-im/profanity/issues/1693

@StefanKropp @DebXWoody please check `_handle_ox_chat()` I don't
understand what you are doing there.
First plain is assigned `message->plain =
and then in the same if block you overwrite this with `message->plain =
xmpp_stanza_get_text(b);` without freeing the old value as far as I can

Sometimes even doing `message->plain = "OX error: No payload found";`.
Shouldn't there be a `strdup()`? I think later on we try to free the
whole message struct. So we can't mix this static things.
2022-04-27 17:00:30 +02:00
Michael Vetter
Merge pull request #1699 from profanity-im/1698-fixoxabrt
Fix SIGABRT when using wrong argument order for receiving ox key
2022-04-27 16:51:39 +02:00
Michael Vetter
a7b123abf4 ci: rename TW python packages 2022-04-27 16:47:08 +02:00
Michael Vetter
8ee3a43983 ox: remove comment 2022-04-27 16:36:30 +02:00
Michael Vetter
c8b88733ef ox: print invalid fingerprint instead of aborting
Asserting here is not the right thing to do at all.
A person could have a typo in the fingerprint. Or like in the case of
the reported bug just confuse the arguments.

An additional check for valid jid should be added later to the calling
function maybe.

Fix https://github.com/profanity-im/profanity/issues/1698
2022-04-27 16:30:01 +02:00
Michael Vetter
866f688621 ox: print bad usage instead of custom message 2022-04-27 16:13:05 +02:00
Michael Vetter
ecafb6deaf Remove comment 2022-04-27 16:08:39 +02:00
Stefan Ott
8044c82614 Add support for offline MUC notifications 2022-04-23 02:42:23 +02:00