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Icecast CI for automated OBS Uploads

This directory contains scripting triggered by .gitlab-ci.yml to automatically upload releases and nightlies to build.opensuse.org. The Pipeline triggers are set so that releases are pushed only on tags and nightlies on master/devel commits into respective OBS projects. These are defined in the ci/osc/ for releases and nightlies in their respective config files.

How to release

To make a new release please call the magic version changer as following from the repo root:

ci/create-changelog-and-set-versions.sh "$ICECAST_BETA_VERSION" "2.4.99.$ICECAST_BETA_VERSION" "2.5 beta$ICECAST_BETA_VERSION" "25-beta-$ICECAST_BETA_VERSION" "2.5-beta$ICECAST_BETA_VERSION" "_VERSION_ARCHIVE_" "2.4.99.$ICECAST_BETA_VERSION" "now" "Stephan Jauernick <info@stephan-jauernick.de>" "Preparing for 2.5 beta$ICECAST_BETA_VERSION aka 2.4.99.$ICECAST_BETA_VERSION" "icecast" "mingw32-icecast" "mingw32-icecast-installer"

Please adapt the "ICECAST_BETA_VERSION", the Author, the Date(now; please enter a valid ISO8601 Date if needed) and the Message as needed.

This script/mechanism will update all the version references and then show you a git status/diff. Please check all changes and commit them as needed.

After tagging and uploading the release will be picked up by gitlabs CI and a release will be pushed to OBS.


A nightly will be build on each change to master/devel - these will be marked with a git version + build date in the version and a "correct" changelog entry where relevant.

Required Repo Configuration in Gitlab

  • master and devel need to be set to protected with Maintainer only push/merge permissions
  • all tags need to be set to protected with Maintainer only permissions
  • There needs to be a "File" Variable configured as follows:

Name: OSC_RC Protected only: yes Content:

apiurl = https://api.opensuse.org

user = OBS USER

The referenced user needs to have Maintainer access to the OBS projects referenced in the build configuration files.

How to improve

Make version update script more robust... currently it will probably explode when we do a final 2.5 release. Rework OBS spec and debian files to modern standards.