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Unicode2ascii replacement, entity name tables and Gopher code taken from lynx.
Initial mailcap and mime.types file handling inspired from Mutt.
FTP directory listing parsing based on GNU Wget code.
People who contributed to Links/ELinks, in alphabetical order (if you are
missing here or some of your contributions is, tell me):
Adam Borowski <kilobyte@mimuw.edu.pl>
Fixed xterm detection
Adam Golebiowski <adamg@pld-linux.org>
Polish translation updates
Hints for gettexted strings
Adam Harvey <matlhdam@iinet.net.au>
Fixed sometimes badly posted form
Alberto García <berto@gpul.org>
Galician translation
Aldy Hernandez <aldyh@cygnus.com>
MacOS address resolution fix
Alex Antropoff <alex@tirastel.md>
'charset' attribute of META element
Alexander Mai <st002279@hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de>
OS/2 xterm support
Fix includes for AIX
Updated manpage
Alexander Zschach <mailinglisten@zschach.net>
Build fixes
Alexey Tourbin <at@turbinal.org>, <at@altlinux.org>
Proxy support fixes
Gettext plural.y fix
Alejandros Diamandidis <adia@egnatia.ee.auth.gr>
Greek codepages & translation
Ami Fischman <usenet@fischman.org>
Random fixes, misc minor improvements
Andre Valente <a.valente@netcabo.pt>
Download completion notify
Portuguese and Brazilian-Portuguese translation updates
Anton Voloshin <vav@isv.ru>
Proper encoding of form entries
Arkadiusz Sochala <jojoro@priv2.onet.pl>
Polish translation
Armon Red <armon@islandia.is>
Icelandic translation
Aurimas Mikalauskas <inner@dammit.lt>
Lithuanian translation
Baris Metin <baris@gelecek.com.tr>
Turkish translation
Basim Reza <basim@diku.dk>
BitTorrent support
beckers <beckers@st-oneline.de>
German translation
Ben Sittler <bsittler@iname.com>
utf8_io support
Benjamin Michotte <binny@baby-linux.net>
User-Agent browser ID string changing support
Bennett Todd <bet@rahul.net>
RPM elinks.spec updates
Support for HTTP TRACE request
Bunch <kisto@go2.pl>
HTML renderer hacking
Carles Sadurní Anguita <isard@ctv.es>
Catalan translation
Csaba Raduly <csaba.raduly@sophos.com>
Random fixes
Christian Biesinger <cbiesinger@gmx.at>
FTP authentication via user interface support
Christian Cornelssen <ccorn@cs.tu-berlin.de>
Lua5 support
Christian Häggström <c00chm@cs.umu.se>
Fixes in parse_http_date()
Cliff Cunnington <cliff@ccnet.xs4all.nl>
Links' website at http://links.sf.net/
User's manual at http://links.sf.net/docs/manual-0.82-en/
Minor fixes/improvements
Cristiano Guadagnino <cris@geppo.cmb2000.it>, <criguada@libero.it>
Updated italian translation
OS/2 compilation fixes
Cyril Slobin <slobin@ice.ru>
Russian translation updates
Dakshinamurthy Karra <kd@blr.vsnl.net.in>
Win NT port
Saving goto history
Daniel Macks <dmacks@netscape.org>
Minor compilation/weirdness fixes
RPM elinks.spec updates
David A. Capello <dacap@users.sourceforge.net>
Made Document info message box scrollable
David D. Kilzer <ddkilzer@lubricants-oil.com>
Part of -no-home support
Support for -eval option
David Mediavilla Ezquibela <r96x6a79yki40001@sneakemail.com>
Spanish translation
Esperanto hacking
Example config file with all links-0.96 keybindings
David Weinehall <tao@acc.umu.se>
Display radiobuttons differently than checkboxes
Denis Lackovic <delacko@fly.srk.fer.hr>
Croatian translation
Dimitar Dimitrov <mitaka_ddd@yahoo.com>
Bulgarian translation updates
dinux <dinux@mail.bg>
Bulgarian translation updates
Dmitry M. Klimov <dmk@gtrk.kmtn.ru>
KOI8-R frames
Russian localization
Dmitry Pinchukov <dpinch@mail.ru>
Ukrainian translation
Referred as Dmitry in ChangeLog etc.
Doug Kearns <djkea2@mugca.its.monash.edu.au>
Fixes in linkskeys.5 and elinks.1
Fix Ruby detection
Edwin Groothuis <edwin@mavetju.org>
Dump-width option
Evan Hughes <hughes@lab43.org>
Fabio Bonelli <fabiobonelli@libero.it>
Accept-language support
Italian translation updates
XBEL bookmarks support
Random hacking
Fabio Junior Beneditto <betatest@catolico.com.br>
Brazilian Portuguese translation
Fabrice Haberer-Proust <fric@gmx.li>
French translation
Felix von Leitner <felix@convergence.de>
Set file date/time when downloading
Random fixes
Flemming Frandsen <ff@partyticket.net>
Random hacking
accesskey,tabindex support
Referred as 'ff' or 'FF' in the code
Frédéric L. W. Meunier <0@pervalidus.tk>
Minor documentation updates
Fuzzy European King <james@place.org>
Fixed lua stack overflow
Gisle Vanem <giva@bgnett.no>
Various portability fixes
Fix IDN support for HTTP
Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz <gradha@terra.es>
Default lua hooks enhancements
Grzegorz Golawski <grzegol@pld.org.pl>
Polish translation updates
Gianluca Montecchi <gianluca@pluto.linux.it>
Italian translation
Harold L Hunt II <huntharo@msu.edu>
Build system minor fixes
Hugo Haas <hugo@larve.net>
Minor random hacking
debian/watch file
Ingo Blechschmidt <iblech@web.de>
German translation updates
Ionel Mugurel Ciobica <I.M.Ciobica@TUe.nl>
Romanian translation
Jacek Fedorynski <jfedor@jfedor.org>
Fixed segfault when posting large forms
Jakub Bogusz <qboosh@pld-linux.org>
Minor bugfixes
Polish translation updates
Jakub Horak <thement@hysteria.sk>
Show links list at the footer of the dump output
Jan Bobrowski <jb@mohan.krakow.pl>
Small optimization in file listing
Jan Sembera <fis@ji.cz>
HTTP-auth support fixes and rewrite
Some bits of HTTPS support
Jimenez Martinez Angel Luis <al026635@alumail.uji.es>
Spanish translation
Jonas Fonseca <fonseca@diku.dk>
Danish translation
Mailcap support
Major cleanups
BFU and document management hacking
Random hacking
Jon Shapcott <eden@xibalba.demon.co.uk>
Lua 5 retrofits
John <martian202002@yahoo.com>
Tab browsing initial patch
Johannes Zellner <johannes@zellner.org>
Minor misc hacking
José Luis González González <jlg80@mi.madritel.es>
MIME types documentation
Referred as 'Jose'
Josef 'Jupp' Schugt <jupp@gmx.de>
German translation updates
Julian Kinraid <jkinraid@clear.net.nz>
QNX-related fixes
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <kon@iki.fi>
HTTP Accept-Charset header fix
Finnish translation update
Fixed unnecessary or possibly skipped calls to bind_textdomain_codeset()
Kaloian Doganov <kaloian@europe.com>
Bulgarian translation
Bulgarian translation update ;)
Karel Kulhavy <clock@atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz>
Czech translation
Fixed compile incompatibility
One of Links authors; a lot of misc. features & code
Karsten Schölzel <kuser@gmx.de>
Event system chief engineer
Scripting subsystem hacking
Regex searches
Random hacking
Karvinen Ilkka <ik@iki.fi>
Finnish translation
Kevin Keverets <keverets@users.sourceforge.net>
Show actual document's URL in xterm title bar
Kevin B. McCarty <kmccarty@princeton.edu>
Fixed hooks file loading for Lua version 5.0
Laurent Monin <zas@norz.org>
Updated French translation
Bookmarks hacking
Misc minor improvements
Big amount of bugfixes, tidyups and optimizations
Random hacking
HTTP Auth fixes
Secure file saving
Fastfind code
Memory debugging and memleaks detection
Referred as 'Zas' or 'zas' in the code
Lewis Collard <lewis@lewis.x3fusion.com>
Fixed mmap() usage on FreeBSD
Lilja Heiðarsdottir Fjeldsted <lilja@diku.dk>
BitTorrent support
Lukasz Dobrek <dobrek@student.ifpan.edu.pl>
$CONFIG_DIR for config directory (later changed to $ELINKS_CONFDIR)
Len Lattanzi <Len_Lattanzi@StanfordAlumni.org>
Allow reading of special (non-regular) files
M. K. Srikant <srix@vsnl.com>
Small fix in forms
Marco Bodrato <bodrato@linuz.sns.it>
Twinterm support
Mario Lorenz <ml@vdazone.org>
Security OpenSSL fix
Marius Gedminas <marius.gedminas@uosis.mif.vu.lt>
Fixed reversed HOME/END on RXVT
Martin Bays <elinks-dev@zugzwang.port5.com>
Redirect-to-mailto crash bugfix
Martin Kavalec <martin@penguin.cz>
Fixed redundant ':' in host header
Martin Norback <d95mback@dtek.chalmers.se>
Swedish translation
Matthew Mueller <donut@azstarnet.com>
Random hacking
Michael R. Elkins <me@cs.hmc.edu>
Original mailcap code from Mutt
Michail Litvak <mci@owl.openwall.com>
Patch configure.in to force error if OpenSSL not found
Michal Maruska <mmc@maruska.dyndns.org>
Show actual document's URL in xterm title bar
Michal Politowski <mpol@charybda.icm.edu.pl>
Fixed saving of old xterm title in some odd cases
(like multi-gnome-terminal)
Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters <miciah@myrealbox.com>
Document-specific colors usage switch possibility
Global history
Unambiguous autocompletion
ASCII "markup" support in the plaintext renderer
Magnificently elaborate fixes all over the map
Truly random hacking
The official native English speaker of our team
Mikael Magnusson <mikma@users.sourceforge.net>
Fixed crash for IPv6 FTP when EPSV was disabled
Mike Swieton <pyromage@pyromage.net>
Fixed bug: Form is not posted when jumping to field by number
Mikolaj Machowski <mikmach@wp.pl>
Polish translation updates
Mikulas Patocka <mikulas@artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz>
Original Links author
Maintains and makes Links-0.9x official releases.
One of Links authors; a lot of misc. features & code
SMB support
Morten Bo Johansen <mojo@mbjnet.dk>
Danish translation
Muhamad Faizal <faizal@mfaizal.net>
Indonesian translation
Nalin Dahyabhai <nalin@redhat.com>
Fixed occasional destroying of read buffer on Alpha
Nuno Miguel Rodrigues <nmr@europa.net.dhis.org>
UnixWare console fix
Oleg Belousov <strijar@urai.ru>
"Ignore charset info sent by server" is saved in config file
Oleg Deribas <older@iname.com>
Window title and clipboard support in OS/2
Olexander Kunytsa <kunia@istc.kiev.ua>
Ukrainian translation update
Omar Khayam <omark@cyentec.com>
URL decode filename when saving
Fix stdin reading on Mac OS X
Peder Stray <peder@ifi.uio.no>
Fix handling of key presses turning up as key prefixes
Peter Gervai <grin@tolna.net>
Manpage updates
Mailcap to links.cfg convertor
Debian package files
Peter Naulls <peter@chocky.org>
RISC OS port
Peter Samek <samek@upc.uniba.sk>
Slovak translation updates
Peter Wang <tjaden@alphalink.com.au>
Rebindable keys
Lua scripting support
Guile scripting support
Original unhistory support
Support for changing color defaults
Petr Baudis <pasky@ucw.cz>
Original ELinks maintainer
Initial cleanups
Options system
DNS hacking
Initial CSS and ECMAScript support
Random hacking all over the map
Feature of the Day implementation
LEDs, exmode, marks and other worthless toys
Actually even some documentation!
http://elinks.or.cz/ (original cut)
Petr Cech <cech@atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz>
Allow spaces at the beginning of URL
Petr Kulhavy <brain@artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz>
Czech translation
HTTP referer support
One of Links authors; a lot of misc. features & code
Pixel <pixel@mandrakesoft.com>
Compilation fixes
Radovan Stas <radoone@skmi.science.upjs.sk>
Slovak translation
Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado <raul@pleyades.net>
get_unique_name() fix.
Russ Rowan (Apu) <rrowan@dandy.net>
Patch that shorten the alt or title attribute of an image
Improved Perl hooks
Sebastian Zagrodzki <s.zagrodzki@sith.mimuw.edu.pl>
Shift-G opens dialog with pre-displayed current URL
Serge Winitzki <serge@mendax.phys.cwru.edu>
Updated Russian localization
Sergei Borushevsky <b_sp@usa.net>
HTTP auth (discarded later, to be redone)
Ctrl-W completion
Sergey E. Galanov <sgsoftware@mail.ru>
Lua-support for setting and getting Elinks options
Sergey Karpov <karpov@sai.msu.su>
First tab browsing patch for ELinks
Ideas !
Sergey Starosek <star@sunbay.com>
Optionally use credential file for the SMB protocol
Sergio R. Velasquez Zeballos <svelasqu@thor.uc.edu.ve>
Proxy auth (Basic)
Simen Graaten <simeng@slarkware.com>
Norwegian translation
Simon Wilkinson <simon@sxw.org.uk>
Support for X509 client certificates
Simos Xenitellis <simos@hellug.gr>
Greek codepages & translation
Solar Designer <solar@openwall.com>
Number of security fixes
Stefan de Groot <stefan@nllinux.nl>
Dutch translation
Stepan Roh <stepan@srnet.cz>
HTTP Date (Set-Cookie expires attribute) proper parsing bugfixes
Random hacking
Stephane Chazelas <stephane.chazelas@free.fr>
Cookies fixes
HTTP Date parsing rewrite
Random hacking
Referred as 'sc' or 'SC' in the code
Suzanne Britton <trillinks@ironphoenix.org>
Support for default URI rewrite template
Suveg Gabor <gsuveg@sgmobil2000.hu>
Hungarian translation
Sven Wegener <swegener@gentoo.org>
Fix stdio checks for remote sessions
Taniel Kirikal <taniel@colleduc.ee>
Estonian translation
Timo Lindfors <timo.lindfors@iki.fi>
HTTPS proxy support
Tom Lear <tom@trap.mtview.ca.us>
Transparency support
Uwe Hermann <uh1763@bingo-ev.de>
Command line switch -version
Open link in new xterm
Unai Uribarri <unai@telecable.es>
Varga Balázs <vinnui@ent.hu>
Hungarian translation updates
Wiktor Grebla <greblus@poczta.onet.pl>
Keybinding for toggling of document.browse.links.numbering
William Yodlowsky <wyodlows@andromeda.rutgers.edu>
OpenSSL fixes
Witold Filipczyk <witekfl@poczta.onet.pl>
HTTP code hacking
Original decompression (zlib/bzlib) support
FTP PASV support
Downloads resuming support
Local CGI support
Polish translation updates
Random hacking
Wojtek Bojdo/l <wojboj@lp.net.pl>
Updated Polish localization
Yevgeny Gromov <yevgeny@tut.by>
Belarusian translation
Yurii Rashkovskii <yrashk@univer.kharkov.ua>
Updated Russian localization
RPM spec file in contrib/
RedHat compilation fixes
$Id: AUTHORS,v 1.198 2005/08/10 15:38:28 jonas Exp $