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Brm. <div style="color: green">green</div>
<p style="color: rgb(100%, 100%, 0)">yellow</p>
<a href="foo" style="color: purple">purple</a>
<a href="foo" style="color:#00ffff">g-b</a>
<a href="foo" style="color:#0ff">g-b short</a>
<a href="foo" style="color:#00ffff;foo=bar">g-b-mixed</a>
<a href="foo" style="bar=baz ;color:#00ffff;foo=bar">mixed-g-b-mixed</a>
<a href="foo" style="bar=baz ;color:#0ff;foo=bar">mixed-g-b-mixed short</a>
<a href="foo" style="color: rgb(0, 80, 160);">strange</a>
<a href="foo" style="background-color: green; color: yellow">yellow on green</a>
<div style="background: red">background: red</div>
<div style="background: rgb(50%,100%,0)">background: rgb(50%,100%,0%)</div>
<div style="background: red rgb(50%,100%,0%)">background: red rgb(50%,100%,0%)</div>
<div style="background: rgb(50%,100%,0%) red">background: rgb(50%,100%,0%) red</div>
<div style="background: fixed rgb(50%,100%,0%) 50% red no-repeat">background: ..combined..</div>
<div style="background: fixed rgb(50%,100%,0%) 50% red no-repeat; color: aqua">background: ..combined..; aquatext</div>
<div style="background: fixed rgb(50%,100%,0%) 50% red no-repeat green; color: aqua">background: ..combined.. green; aquatext</div>