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Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 7072b537a3 elinks.1: Link to GPL 2.0, not GPL 3.0.
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit cc5012db6b)
2012-11-03 23:01:28 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 78e5dd9f0d elinks.conf.5: Refer to manual for MIME options
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit 04388f4b48)
2012-11-03 23:01:28 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo cd0f6feec3 bug 764: Convert sentinel to struct option
unregister_options() requires as a sentinel an instance of struct
option where option.name is NULL.  However, the NULL_OPTION_INFO macro
used for these sentinels actually initializes a struct option_init
instead.  Make register_options() overwrite the NULL_OPTION_INFO with
a sentinel in the correct format.  This probably makes a difference
only on platforms where null pointers don't have all bits zero.
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit 8ac10e00d4)
2012-11-03 23:01:28 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 9e11e30fe3 bug 764, LUA: option_types[OPT_INT].set needs long *
l_set_option() was passing the address of an int to
option_types[OPT_INT].set and option_types[OPT_BOOL].set.
That looks correct but is not: both function pointers
point to num_set(), which actually reads *(long *) str.
Change l_set_option() to pass the address of a long instead,
and add comments about this dependency.
(cherry picked from elinks-0.11 commit 8766e3829f)
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit 0797f04921)
2012-11-03 23:01:28 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 237d30b936 bug 1084: Allow '+' and '*' in names in option manager
ELinks already allowed '+' and '*' in the names of options when
reading a configuration file.  The option manager however didn't
let the user add such options.  Allow the characters there too.

These characters are needed especially in the mime.type tree,
where '*' is used as a replacement for '.'.  For example:

set mime.type.audio.prs*sid = "sid"
set mime.type.application.atom+xml = "atom"

This commit changes one gettextised string.
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit 064ff3921d)
2012-11-03 23:01:21 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 58d2fe8eeb config/options: More Doxygen markup
No changes in program logic or data layout.
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit 972afa1c26)

		0.13.GIT has a new function get_option_shadow, now
		doxygenized likewise.
2012-11-03 22:17:47 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 8b00e1ef70 bug 764: Initialize the right member of union option_value
INIT_OPTION used to initialize union option_value at compile time by
casting the default value to LIST_OF(struct option) *, which is the
type of the first member.  On sparc64 and other big-endian systems
where sizeof(int) < sizeof(struct list_head *), this tended to leave
option->value.number as zero, thus messing up OPT_INT and OPT_BOOL
at least.  OPT_LONG however tended to work right.

This would be easy to fix with C99 designated initializers,
but doc/hacking.txt says ELinks must be kept C89 compatible.
Another solution would be to make register_options() read the
value from option->value.tree (the first member), cast it back
to the right type, and write it to the appropriate member;
but that would still require somewhat dubious conversions
between integers, data pointers, and function pointers.

So here's a rather more invasive solution.  Add struct option_init,
which is somewhat similar to struct option but has non-overlapping
members for different types of values, to ensure nothing is lost
in compile-time conversions.  Move unsigned char *path from struct
option_info to struct option_init, and replace struct option_info
with a union that contains struct option_init and struct option.
Now, this union can be initialized with no portability problems,
and register_options() then moves the values from struct option_init
to their final places in struct option.

In my x86 ELinks build with plenty of options configured in, this
change bloated the text section by 340 bytes but compressed the data
section by 2784 bytes, presumably because union option_info is a
pointer smaller than struct option_info was.
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit e5f6592ee2)

	src/protocol/fsp/fsp.c: All options had been removed in 0.13.GIT.
	src/protocol/smb/smb2.c: Ditto.
2012-11-03 22:16:32 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 7e8c95d934 chmod +x po/gen_translations_stats.sh
po/README suggests running the po/gen_translations_stats.sh script,
and it has a #! line, so it should be executable.
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit 70ef4c8fdd)
2012-11-03 22:16:32 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo bb20653c48 configure: Avoid two errors if TERM=unknown
shows two unsightly errors, apparently triggered by TERM=unknown:

tput: unknown terminal "unknown"
/build/buildd/elinks-0.12~pre5/configure: line 25480: test: -ge: unary operator expected

Hide the first of them by redirecting to /dev/null,
and avoid the second one by substituting "0" if tput fails.

I'm not sure why `which tput` is used instead of plain tput,
but it doesn't seem to be causing any problems in practice.
(There are problems in theory if tput is not installed,
tput is found in a directory whose name contains spaces,
or tput is a shell function or builtin.)
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit 4369b052ef)
2012-11-03 22:16:32 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 87eac68dc3 Fix "parameter has incomplete type" on GCC 3.4.6
Fix this GCC 3.4.6 warning, which becomes an error
if configure --enable-debug adds -Werror to CFLAGS:

      [CC]   src/document/css/apply.o
In file included from /home/Kalle/src/elinks-0.12/src/document/html/internal.h:6,
                 from /home/Kalle/src/elinks-0.12/src/document/css/apply.c:35:
/home/Kalle/src/elinks-0.12/src/document/html/parser.h:149: warning: parameter has incomplete type
In file included from /home/Kalle/src/elinks-0.12/src/document/css/apply.c:35:
/home/Kalle/src/elinks-0.12/src/document/html/internal.h:125: warning: parameter has incomplete type

Even without this warning, "enum html_special_type;"
would not be standard C89.
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit c9f487cdf4)

	src/document/html/parser.h: 0.13.GIT had more #includes already.
2012-11-03 22:16:23 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 263c1836cb Don't retry get_window_title
Call get_window_title() at most once per terminal, even if it fails.
If ELinks is configured with X11 support, get_window_title() calls
XOpenDisplay(), which can sleep if $DISPLAY does not respond.
This delay was previously incurred every time ELinks changed the
title.  Besides, if ELinks had already changed the title, setting
ditrm->orig_title = get_window_title(); did not make sense anyway.
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit 5d4beadc4b)

		get_window_title has a codepage parameter in 0.13.GIT.
2012-11-03 22:14:48 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 6f4c95cc7f Bug 943: Refuse user JS actions in unfocused tabs
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit 51dc3beee7)

	NEWS: Both 0.12pre5.GIT and 0.13.GIT had inserted a new section.
	src/terminal/window.c: Both had inserted a new function.
2012-11-03 22:10:27 +02:00
Kamil Dudka a96d8a17e5 rewrite: add default "ddg" dumb/smart prefixes for DuckDuckGo
... and mention that URI rewriting rules may leak ELinks' identity
in the documentation of protocol.http.user_agent.

Originally requested at <https://bugzilla.redhat.com/856348>.
2012-10-05 14:05:13 +02:00
witekfl 88be88c819 Revert "Show the URI in the title bar even if document title is set."
This reverts commit d06cccffd6.

Some people wants URL in the title bar, but some wants the title.
I restored previous version (the title). If you want the URL, create
the patch with a configurable option.
2012-09-02 19:19:02 +02:00
witekfl 71bd75f759 Avoid a warning when gzip, bzip2 nor lzma is compiled-in. 2012-08-08 22:36:21 +02:00
witekfl a556fba1d2 Label bad was unused without fork. 2012-08-08 22:31:05 +02:00
witekfl 15ebc25704 Avoid compilation warning on Windows. 2012-08-08 22:28:04 +02:00
witekfl 9543ed96a4 Do not set FD_SETSIZE too high on Windows.
Alloc more space for threads in main/select.c instead.
2012-08-08 22:22:37 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 0c10ddac8e NEWS: mention bug 1123 2012-07-26 10:15:06 +03:00
mancha bc3fcb4696 Fix hostname verification code.
[ From bug 1123 attachment 569.  --KON ]
2012-07-18 12:37:55 +03:00
witekfl ba9bbc9e46 draw_space: Check for a non-space only in first 10 chars of the line.
I know it is totally brainless, but buildlogs.pld-linux.org
looks good now.
2012-07-11 11:39:26 +02:00
witekfl 4ec188d75e When shifting characters (for example with ALIGN_CENTER) set
colors of the empty area to the color of the first char of the centered
text. Previously it was set to the default background.
2012-07-11 11:17:24 +02:00
witekfl 42d2433f4b Color leading spaces with the color of the first non-space character.
Also color trailing spaces with the color of the last character.

See for example gtk-doc.
2012-07-11 11:14:03 +02:00
witekfl aead2de59a Do not treat <li> specially and handle </li>. See test/ul_a_li.html. 2012-06-12 14:31:55 +02:00
witekfl 5284ea185a Anchors (all, but first) are not accessible inside <ul>. 2012-06-12 13:40:31 +02:00
witekfl 4933e26488 The last test commit. 2012-05-27 19:42:43 +02:00
witekfl c9a9d56f07 Test commit 3. 2012-05-27 19:34:57 +02:00
witekfl 2669b71e1d Test commit. 2012-05-27 19:16:16 +02:00
witekfl c4b10d8b39 Test commit. 2012-05-27 18:53:34 +02:00
witekfl 9313aae906 Set FD_SETSIZE 1024 2012-05-25 19:47:27 +02:00
witekfl 2ec6c54697 On Windows safe_read or safe_write return -1 and set errno = EWOULDBLOCK
for nonblocking io.
2012-05-25 19:43:10 +02:00
witekfl a140e1d79f Set FD_SETSIZE to 1024 on Mingw32.
The default value of FD_SETSIZE on Windows is 64,
but can be bigger if set before including winsock2.h
2012-05-25 17:54:46 +02:00
witekfl bebde69507 Compilation fixes for Mingw32.
* check if fork is available
* use set_nonblocking_fd
2012-05-25 16:13:25 +02:00
witekfl 5f9b54f594 Apply styles of html element for body element.
See test/css/css_body.html and test/css/css_html.html
2012-05-22 15:22:48 +02:00
witekfl ce48dc5ffd test files for html { } and body { } 2012-05-22 14:15:24 +02:00
witekfl 7328bb9c9e gnutls_transport_ptr is deprecated. 2012-05-08 13:41:26 +02:00
witekfl e58fc7e2cb Show fractions of MiBs in download progress dialogs.
It is useful especially for slow links.
2012-05-08 13:29:20 +02:00
witekfl 12803e4075 Check if hb is NULL. 2012-03-04 18:20:48 +01:00
witekfl e86ec567f2 Compilation fixes (--enable-debug) 2012-03-04 18:11:18 +01:00
witekfl 36070d3277 The union of the color and the node_number in the struct screen_char.
The long term goal is good looking of the Python docs in ELinks, especially
background colors. Every start tag and every text node would have associated
a natural number. Those numbers would be "drawn" in the document instead
of colors. Finally, the screen driver would change numbers into colors.

This will be done in small steps. The next step is to implement this change
in the screen driver.
2012-03-03 11:27:58 +01:00
witekfl 9c0d7dde79 Do not set title for the GNU Screen, because it beeps. 2012-01-05 19:49:22 +01:00
Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters 416d7fac7d css_apply_list_style: fix compiler warning
Add a case for CSS_LIST_ORDINAL (and assert(0)) to the switch in
css_apply_list_style.  This change should eliminate a warning from the
compiler reported by Witold that CSS_LIST_ORDINAL is not handled.
2011-11-16 16:58:08 +00:00
Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters e37caa01ec exec_later: use mem_calloc instead of calloc
Before this change, exec_later allocates memory for the struct exec_mailcap
structure using calloc.  However, the memory is freed in
exec_mailcap_command using mem_free.  Change exec_later to use mem_calloc
instead of calloc.

Unless CONFIG_FASTMEM is used, mem_free expects to find debugging metadata
that only the mem_alloc family of functions store, and thus using mem_free
on the memory allocated using calloc causes a crash.
2011-11-15 20:14:14 +00:00
Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters c74ddb29c5 SMJS: add terminal object
Add terminal_class, which defines a JSObject wrapper for struct terminal.

Add terminal_array_class, which defines a JSObject wrapper for accessing
the "terminals" linked list of struct terminal.

Add session_array_class, which defines a JSObject wrapper for accessing the
tabs (sessions) of a terminal.

Add pointers from struct terminal to the terminal_class object and
the session_array_class object.

Add terminal_props and terminal_get_property for terminal_class.

Add terminal_finalize, which clears the pointers between a struct terminal
and the JSObject wrapper in question.

Add smjs_init_terminal_interface, which creates a terminal_array_class
instance and assigns it to  the "terminal" property on the "elinks" object.
Call smjs_init_terminal_interface from smjs_init_elinks_object.

Add smjs_get_terminal_object and smjs_get_session_array_object to get
the wrapper objects for a given struct terminal, and add
smjs_get_terminal_array_object to get a terminal_array_class object.

Add smjs_detach_terminal_object and smjs_detach_session_array_object, which
clear the pointers between a given struct terminal and its JSObject

Add terminal_array_get_property for terminal_array_class.

Add session_array_get_property for session_array_class.
2011-11-14 04:34:51 +00:00
Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters cdad9adf19 SMJS: add session object
Add session_class, which defines a JSObject wrapper for struct session.

Add location_array_class, which defines a JSObject wrapper for struct
ses_history.  The "history" member of struct session is a struct
ses_history, which is a linked list of struct location.

Add a pointer from struct session to the session_class object and the
location_array object.

Add smjs_get_session_object to return a session_class JSObject wrapper for
a given struct session.

Add smjs_get_session_location_array_object to return a location_array_class
JSObject wrapper for a given struct session.

Add "session" property to the "elinks" object, which uses
smjs_get_session_object to get a JSObject wrapper for smjs_ses.

Add smjs_location_array_get_property, which allows indexing
a location_array object using a positive number for history forward or
a negative number for history backward.

Add session_props, session_get_property, session_set_property,
session_funcs, smjs_session_goto_url (which implements the "goto" method),
and smjs_init_session_interface for session_class.

Add session_construct, which creates a new tab and returns the JSObject
session_class wrapper.

Add session_finalize and smjs_location_array_finalize, which clear the
pointers between struct session and the JSObject wrappers in question.

Add smjs_detach_session_object, which clears the pointers between a given
struct session and the corresponding JSObject wrappers.

In destroy_session, call smjs_detach_session_object.

Add jsval_to_object helper in ecmascript/spidermonkey/util.h;
jsval_to_object is used in smjs_session_goto_url.

Modify delayed_goto_uri_frame to allow the target to be NULL.
smjs_session_goto_url needs this modification.
2011-11-14 04:34:51 +00:00
Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters 3932af9b17 SMJS: handle view_state outliving wrapping object
Currently, it is possible for the JSObject that wraps a struct view_state
to outlive the view_state.  Using the properties of the JSObject wrapper
will then cause a crash.

This patch adds a smjs_detach_view_state_object function, which is called
in destroy_vs, to dissociate the struct view_state from the JSObject
wrapper.  To this end, the patch modifies the struct view_state to point
the JSObject wrapper.  smjs_get_view_state_object will use this pointer
if it is set, and copy_vs will copy this pointer to the new view_state.
The patch also modifies view_state_get_property and
view_state_set_property to return immediately if the view_state has been
destroyed.  Finally, the patch adds a finalizer (view_state_finalize)
that clears the pointer from the struct view_state to the JSObject.
2011-11-14 04:34:51 +00:00
Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters 211c624aca smjs_get_elinks_object: drop jsobj temp variable
After recent simplifications, the jsobj variable is no longer necessary.
Instead of assigning it a value and then returning it, just return the
value that was being assigned to it.
2011-11-14 04:34:51 +00:00
Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters 54c33284fc elinks_get_property: return empty string if no URI
For the elinks.location property, if elinks_get_property fails to find
a URI, just return the empty string rather than returning an error.
2011-11-14 04:34:51 +00:00
Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters e092b6b08b SMJS: refactor elinks object's property handlers
Add elinks_get_property and elinks_set_property functions and
a JSPropertySpec elinks_props table to handle properties rather than
defining eilnks_get_home, elinks_get_location, and elinks_set_location
and adding them individually to the class using JS_DefineProperty.
This approach will make it easier to add further properties.
2011-11-14 04:34:51 +00:00
Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters 68801b7382 elinks_object: use usrerror if there is no term
Currently, elinks_alert assumes that smjs_ses is not NULL and crashes if
it is.  Change elinks_alert to check whether smjs_term is NULL, try
get_default_terminal if so, and fall back on printing to stderr using
usrerror if no terminal is found.
2011-11-14 04:34:51 +00:00