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Witold Filipczyk 3db5c51b8d [sites] URL to github 2019-12-20 14:44:50 +01:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 7e7cf3940a SITES: delete or replace dead links
The RISC OS Unix Porting Project has apparently moved its webpage
to <http://www.riscos.info/packages/SectionIndex.html#Browser>,
but ELinks is no longer listed there.

ftp.fu-berlin.de still has multiple copies of Links, but they seem to
be part of operating systems like NetBSD or Ubuntu; nothing there
looks like a mirror of the Links download site.

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Status: 5.0.0
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2008-06-30 20:36:47 +03:00
Witold Filipczyk 5c51b0a2ae Removed outdated entries. 2007-01-28 18:28:02 +02:00
Petr Baudis 73a161528e SITES: Add 'Fan sites' and t_a's starshine.org inside 2006-11-08 19:46:20 +01:00
Jonas Fonseca e78ea9cb58 Remove Cygwin binary address (returns 404) 2005-12-20 03:49:19 +01:00
Laurent MONIN df065ead80 Remove now useless $Id: lines. 2005-10-21 09:14:07 +02:00
Petr Baudis a87d775eeb Merge with git+ssh://pasky.or.cz/srv/git/elinks.git 2005-09-17 08:45:23 +02:00
Petr Baudis b768220dbb Reference http://elinks.cz/ instead of http://elinks.or.cz/
Let's actually let the world know about the elinks.cz domain so generously
donated to us.
2005-09-17 03:20:17 +02:00
Petr Baudis 09c4185a44 Merge with /srv/git/elinks.git 2005-09-15 19:09:06 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca 163dfde9b8 Mention the site with RISC OS binaries (which was recently added
to the download webpage).
2005-09-15 18:55:32 +02:00
Petr Baudis 206086636e pasky.or.cz GIT repo is only for developers. 2005-09-15 18:27:10 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca 56633b3b5e Replace the CVS root listing with the new GIT roots. Includes the
master branch.
2005-09-15 17:43:53 +02:00
Petr Baudis 0f6d4310ad Initial commit of the HEAD branch of the ELinks CVS repository, as of
Thu Sep 15 15:57:07 CEST 2005. The previous history can be added to this
by grafting.
2005-09-15 15:58:31 +02:00