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Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
c9ca6fd448 Refresh charsets from www.unicode.org.
Add copyright and licence notices, and a NEWS entry.

The data in the new versions is not entirely the same as what ELinks
used to have:

- Unicode/8859_1.cp: Adds control characters.
- Unicode/8859_2.cp: Adds control characters.
- Unicode/8859_4.cp: Adds some control characters that ELinks assumed
  there already.
- Unicode/8859_7.cp: Adds three characters.
- Unicode/8859_15.cp: Adds control characters.
- Unicode/8859_16.cp: Adds control characters and swaps 0xA5 with 0xAB.
- Unicode/koi8_r.cp: Changes 0x95 and adds some control characters
  that ELinks assumed there already.
- Unicode/macroman.cp: Changes 0xC6 and removes some control characters
  that ELinks assumes there anyway.
2008-10-11 15:35:09 +03:00
Petr Baudis
0f6d4310ad Initial commit of the HEAD branch of the ELinks CVS repository, as of
Thu Sep 15 15:57:07 CEST 2005. The previous history can be added to this
by grafting.
2005-09-15 15:58:31 +02:00