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Overview of the ELinks documentation
There is only limited documentation available for ELinks, sorry. It basically
consists of the documents in this directory and the features.conf, README and
INSTALL files in the project's root directory.
The files you will find in this directory are the man pages living in the man/
directory and a bunch of .html and especially .txt (wait, you expect HTML
browser to carry its documentation around in HTML?). The index.txt file
contains the table of contents listing all these files.
The manual is written in asciidoc. However you will also need xmlto to process
docbook XML generated by asciidoc into manpages and the html-chunked manual. If
you want to translate .pod files you need pod2html.
All these tools are checked by configure so that to successfully build all
possible documentation (with the tools available on the system) run
$ make all-docs
in the doc/ directory.
Contributions are very warmly welcomed. Wether it be fixing of typos or bad
grammar, rewritings or new material. All info relevant to ELinks usage can be
included in the manual. Including FAQ material, tips and cheats ;)
There is no strict codingstyle. But please don't limit your use of whitespace
and take a look at the style used in the current documents to get ideas of what
is reasonable.
Contributions should be sent to Jonas Fonseca <fonseca@diku.dk>. If your changing
something in an existing document please read about how to make unified patches
in the Patches section of the doc/hacking.txt file.
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