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#ifndef EL__MIME_MIME_H
#define EL__MIME_MIME_H
#include "main/module.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
struct cache_entry;
struct uri;
struct mime_handler {
char *description;
2022-01-14 15:08:04 -05:00
const char *backend_name;
char *inpext;
char *outext;
unsigned int ask:1;
unsigned int block:1;
unsigned int copiousoutput:1;
unsigned int dgi:1;
char program[1]; /* XXX: Keep last! */
extern struct module mime_module;
/* Guess content type of the document. Either from the protocol header or
* scanning the uri for extensions. */
char *get_content_type(struct cache_entry *cached);
/* Guess content type by looking at configurations of the given @extension */
char *get_extension_content_type(char *extension);
/* Find program to handle mimetype. The @xwin tells about X capabilities. */
struct mime_handler *
get_mime_type_handler(char *content_type, int xwin);
/* Extracts strictly the filename part (the crap between path and query) and
* adds it to the @string. Note that there are cases where the string will be
* empty ("") (ie. http://example.com/?crash=elinks). */
struct string *add_mime_filename_to_string(struct string *string, struct uri *uri);
#ifdef __cplusplus