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This directory contains unsorted stuff contributed by other people, which is
not incorporated to main ELinks distribution, however may be still interesting
for someone. You will find here i.e. example configuration files or patches,
which weren't (possibly yet) for some reason applied. Note that this stuff is
mostly unmaintained and is not guaranteed to work, apply, compile etc. However,
if you feel like fixing that, no problem.
Files not listed here have description included in their header.
* links_wps.zip - David Mediavilla <davidme@idecnet.com>
Scripts for OS/2 to create Links icon and assign Links as viewer of
* LinksOS2Icon.zip - Alex Taylor <alex@eddie.cis.uoguelph.ca>
Links icons for OS/2 in various sizes and color depths
* colws.diff - <ard@waikato.ac.nz>
Show two spaces after full stops/periods, especially when HTML It
shouldn't adversely affect web pages. Two spaces will only appear
where the HTML contains them.
* elinks[.-]vim* - Jonas Fonseca <fonseca@diku.dk>
Syntax file for vim so that elinks.conf is highlighted nicely, and
patch for $VIMRUNTIME/filetype.vim so that elinks.conf is properly
detected and the elinks syntax is associated to it.