Fork of dotgrid with additional features and refractoring.
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Dotgrid is a grid-based vector drawing software designed to create logos, icons and type.
It supports layers, the full SVG specs and additional effects such as mirroring and radial drawing.
Dotgrid exports to both PNG and SVG files.

The application was initially created for internal use,
and later made available as a free and open source software.

- Guide:
- Video Tutorial:
- Community:


- Hold Shift to drag a segment.
- Hold Alt to drag all segments.
- Right-click to delete a vertex.


∷ Toggle Menubar Tab
∷ Open Theme ^Shift+O
∷ Reset Theme ^Backspace
File New ^N
File Open ^O
File Save ^S
File Export Vector ^E
File Export Image ^Shift+E
Edit Undo ^Z
Edit Redo ^Shift+Z
View Color Picker G
View Toggle Grid H
View Toggle Tools ^H
Layers Foreground ^1
Layers Middleground ^2
Layers Background ^3
Layers Merge Layers ^M
Stroke Line A
Stroke Arc S
Stroke Arc Rev D
Stroke Bezier F
Stroke Close Z
Stroke Arc(full) T
Stroke Arc Rev(full) Y
Stroke Clear Selection Escape
Stroke Erase Segment Backspace
Control Add Point Enter
Control Move Up Up
Control Move Right Right
Control Move Down Down
Control Move Left Left
Control Remove Point X
Style Linecap Q
Style Linejoin W
Style Mirror E
Style Fill R
Style Thicker }
Style Thinner {
Style Thicker +5 ]
Style Thinner -5 [


- Themes:
- Support:
- Pull Requests are welcome!


Dotgrid's source code is licensed under MIT and the images, text and assets are licensed under BY-NC-SA 4.0. View individual licenses for details.