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Patrick Marsceill 59d4802ce3
Merge branch 'improvement/custom-themes' of git:// into SgtSilvio-improvement/custom-themes
2 years ago
color_schemes 🎨 Prettier 2 years ago
custom Added documentation for custom color schemes and custom css 3 years ago
support 🎨 Prettier 2 years ago
utilities 🎨 Prettier 2 years ago
vendor/normalize.scss Move normalize folder to vendor 4 years ago
base.scss 🎨 Prettier 2 years ago
buttons.scss Improved layout, unified spacing/font-sizes/border-radius/box-shadow 3 years ago
code.scss 🎨 Prettier 2 years ago
content.scss Anchor headings are now displayed on hover, not only on heading hover, 3 years ago
labels.scss fix linting / rules 4 years ago
layout.scss 🎨 Prettier 2 years ago
modules.scss Fixed custom css 3 years ago
navigation.scss Merge branch 'v0.2.6-release' into improve-search 3 years ago
search.scss Fix up search results display 3 years ago
tables.scss Add a lil more padding on last table row 3 years ago
typography.scss Add new liting rule disables 3 years ago