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title: Cụm động từ
parent: Từ vựng
grand_parent: Tiếng Anh
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# Cụm động từ
* wrap up:
* to complete something successfully
* to cover or surround something in paper, cloth,...
* take off:
* start to fly
* suddenly become successfully or popular
* set off: to start on a trip
* run by: to tell or explain something to someone to see whether it's good idea or not
* slack off: to work less hard
* fill in (for): to do someone's work temporarily
* burn out: become too tired or unable to work because of working too hard
* take on: to fight or compete against someone or something
* take over: to take control of something

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title: Thành ngữ
parent: Từ vựng
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# Thành ngữ
* make a mountain out of a molehill: put to much focus on a minor issue
* live something down: to forget about an embarrassing situation
* to outdo yourself: to do better than normally
* to be out of question: to be imposssible to accomplish
* to be back in the saddle: to return to normal activities, especially after an illness or injury
* to be a piece of cake: to be very easy

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title: Từ mới tháng 1 năm 2021
parent: Từ vựng
grand_parent: Tiếng Anh
permalink: /tieng-anh/tu-vung/thang-1-2021
# Từ mới tháng 1 - 2021
* incentive: something that encourages a person to do something
* forbearance: sự nhẫn nại
* mercy: lòng nhân từ
* associate: to connect to something else in mind
* distinguish: to notice or understand the different between two things
* tailor: to make or prepare something following particular instruction
## Nguồn từ điển
* [Cambridge Dictionary](

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title: Từ vựng
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# Từ vựng