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# Tests for exclusion Exclusion
# Exclusion
Pages excluded from the main navigation can have parents and children. Navigation to and between excluded pages can be supported by the auto-generating list of child pages inserted at the bottom of each page, and by links to parents in the breadcrumbs at the top of each page.
The following tests cover all combinations of excluded and included pages for the top level, child pages, and grandchild pages. The last binary digit in a page title indicates whether the page is included (1) or excluded (0); preceding digits refer to its parent and grandparent.
## Tests for exclusion Included in main navigation
## Included in main navigation
- [Tests for exclusion 1](1/)
- [Tests for exclusion 11](11/)
- [Tests for exclusion 111](111/)
## Tests for exclusion Included only in child navigation
## Included only in child navigation
- [Tests for exclusion 110](110/)
- [Tests for exclusion 10](10/)
- [Tests for exclusion 101](101/)
- [Tests for exclusion 100](100/)
## Tests for exclusion Not included in navigation
- [Tests for exclusion 0](0/)
- [Tests for exclusion 01](01/)
- [Tests for exclusion 011](011/)
- [Tests for exclusion 010](010/)
- [Tests for exclusion 00](00/)
- [Tests for exclusion 001](001/)
- [Tests for exclusion 000](000/)
## Not included in main or child navigation
- [Tests for exclusion 0](0/)
- ["Untitled"](untitled/)

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layout: default
# Tests for exclusion Untitled
# Tests for exclusion untitled
This page does not have a `title`, and it is excluded from the navigation -- unless it is located in a Jekyll collection (which provides default titles). To exclude a title-less page from the navigation, regardless of whether it is located in a collection, set `nav_exclude: true`.