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@ -0,0 +1,27 @@
echo "Running tests... \n"
echo "Moving SCSS dependancies into ./assets/css... \n"
cp -rf ./node_modules/primer-support/ ./_sass/primer-support/
cp -rf ./node_modules/primer-base/ ./_sass/primer-base/
cp -rf ./node_modules/primer-layout/ ./_sass/primer-layout/
cp -rf ./node_modules/primer-utilities/ ./_sass/primer-utilities/
cp -rf ./node_modules/primer-alerts/ ./_sass/primer-alerts/
git add ./_sass/
git commit -m 'Just the Docs build packaging'
echo "Packaging gem... \n"
gem build just-the-docs.gemspec
echo "Cleaning up... \n"
rm -rf ./_sass/primer-support/
rm -rf ./_sass/primer-base/
rm -rf ./_sass/primer-layout/
rm -rf ./_sass/primer-utilities/
rm -rf ./_sass/primer-alerts/
git add ./_sass/
git commit -m 'Just the Docs build packaging cleanup'
git add *.gem
git commit -m 'Bump just-the-docs gem package'