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{%- comment -%}
This file can be used to fix the HTML produced by Jekyll for highlighted
code with line numbers.
It works with `{% highlight some_language linenos %}...{% endhighlight %}`
and with the Kramdown option to add line numbers to fenced code.
The implementation was derived from the workaround provided by
Dmitry Hrabrov (DeXP) at
The HTML produced by Rouge highlighting with lie numbers is of the form
`code table`. Jekyll (<= 4.1.1) always wraps the highlighted HTML
with `pre`. This wrapping is not only unnecessary, but also transforms
the conforming HTML produced by Rouge to non-conforming HTML, which
results in HTML validation error reports.
The fix removes the outer `pre` tags whenever they contain the pattern
`<table class="rouge-table">`.
Apart from avoiding HTML validation errors, the fix allows the use of
the [Jekyll layout for compressing HTML](http://jch.penibelst.de),
which relies on `pre` tags not being nested, according to
(Any names can be used for `some_var` and `some_language`.)
{% capture some_var %}
{% highlight some_language linenos %}
Some code
{% endhighlight %}
{% endcapture %}
{% include fix_linenos.html code=some_var %}
For code fences:
{% capture some_var %}
Some code
{% endcapture %}
{% assign some_var = some_var | markdownify %}
{% include fix_linenos.html code=some_var %}
The above does not work when `Some code` happens to contain the matched string
`<table class="rouge-table">`.
The use of this file overwrites the variable `fix_linenos_code` with `nil`.
{%- endcomment -%}
{% assign fix_linenos_code = include.code %}
{% if fix_linenos_code contains '<table class="rouge-table">' %}
{% assign fix_linenos_code = fix_linenos_code | replace: '<pre class="highlight">', '<pre>' %}
{% assign fix_linenos_code = fix_linenos_code | replace: "<pre><code", "<code" %}
{% assign fix_linenos_code = fix_linenos_code | replace: "</code></pre>", "</code>" %}
{% endif %}
{{ fix_linenos_code }}
{% assign fix_linenos_code = nil %}