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A twm fork to suit my preferences.
Features removed...
1. iconmgr feature and icon region (icons always land on the right edge).
2. configuration options: UsePPosition, SqueezeTitle, RandomPlacement,
opaquemove, window highlight, DontIconifyByUnmapping, IconifyByUnmapping,
TitlePadding, title button indent, NoGrabServer (never grab), IconRegion,
Zoom, MoveDelta
2. builtin functions: DeltaStop
3. default user defined functions: move-or-lower, move-or-raise,
and move-or-iconify (changed to builtins) and the ability to define
user defined functions.
4. f.CircleUp, f.CircleDown, f.warpnext, f.warpprev. f.warpring continues
to exist but can take no custom binding. Bindings for f.warpring "prev"
and f.warpring "next" are hardcode on mod4-Left and mod4-Right. A
new mod4-tab command is hardcoded to reverse the warpring order argument
with each use.
Changes ...
- title is always squeezed and the resize button changed slightly (no box).
- icons always land on the right edge if there's space there. xconsole
lands on the bottom right.
Additions ...
1. builtin functions: move-or-lower, move-or-raise, and move-or-iconify.
2. mod4-tab (modifier should be customizable at some point) cycles windows
like MS Windows alt-tab, reversing the order of f.warpring each use to
make it easy to flip back and forth between two windows.
The master development code repository can be found at: