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A twm fork to suit my preferences.
Features removed...
1. iconmgr feature and icon region (icons always land on the right edge).
2. configuration options: UsePPosition, SqueezeTitle, RandomPlacement,
opaquemove, window highlight, DontIconifyByUnmapping, IconifyByUnmapping,
TitlePadding, title button indent, NoGrabServer (never grab), IconRegion,
Zoom, MoveDelta
2. builtin functions: DeltaStop
3. default user defined functions: move-or-lower, move-or-raise,
and move-or-iconify (changed to builtins) and the ability to define
user defined functions.
Changes ...
- title is always squeezed and the resize button changed slightly (no box).
- icons always land on the right edge if there's space there. xconsole
lands on the bottom right.
Additions ...
1. builtin functions: move-or-lower, move-or-raise, and move-or-iconify.
The master development code repository can be found at: