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Rob French 38b696d9c2 Merge branch 'kc4upr'. 2020-06-14 23:04:45 -05:00
Rob French cdf3871385 Updated to be compatible with some iopcomm changes. 2020-06-14 22:54:40 -05:00
Rob French 5e675107c1 Changes to work with updated modes and such from iopcomm.h 2020-06-14 00:12:29 -05:00
Rob French 1a1e92a709 Working! Implemented a more reasonable serial reader. 2020-06-07 15:26:37 -05:00
Rob French f588a89ee7 Working on the buffer issues. It looks like the issue is a failure (on
the Raduino side) to check for availability of character in the Serial
port, before reading the serial port.  Note, need to see if this is a
weakness on the Teensy (IOP) side as well.
2020-06-07 13:27:24 -05:00
Rob French 20e1eda140 Removed a bunch of files that I am not maintaining to be compatible with
my Raduino/IOP mods.

Increaesd the update rate for the display (hopefully).
2020-06-07 08:56:06 -05:00
Rob French 10926b54ec Further functioning, but with bugs. Top line is working, but clear
there is messed up interplay between between how IOP updates its menu
and sends it to the Raduino, and how the Raduino updates its display.
Needs to be worked on.

- After deselecting the I/O menu (i.e. should go back to normal Raduino
top line), it never does.  But the I/O menu is frozen.  So clearly the
top line never gets updated again by the Raduino.  Need to understand
the logic it uses to actually refresh the display.
- Random garbage (black boxes) on the top line--intermittently.
2020-06-06 22:25:11 -05:00
Rob French bbf883d3c5 Added support for a 16-char display to be received from the IOP, with a
selectable timeout.

Verified the basics of it working.

Subsequently updated with better timeout code.  This compiles, but has
not been tested.
2020-06-06 00:07:50 -05:00
Rob French 5a6c8308d3 Quick update to support a mode request message from the IOP. Compiles,
runs; not comprehensively tested.
2020-05-26 10:48:35 -05:00
Rob French cc78a9f9a1 Updates to be compatible with the refactored IOP code. Compiles, but
2020-05-25 23:09:37 -05:00
Rob French 2f8fe7fb4c Got the 5 second "DSP status menu" working. Got comms between the IOP
and the Raduino working again.  Now implements a wrapper around all
IOP<=>Raduino comms (IOP prefix, CAT prefix...)
2020-05-18 08:15:28 -05:00
Rob French 681e01d019 Updates to be compatible with iopcomm.h/iopcomm.cpp, and with the new
two-tone test mode.
2020-05-16 23:51:46 -05:00
Rob French c8b2110052 Successful communication between Raduino and IOP. Digi modes working.
Have a high-pitched whine in RX audio, however (IOP problem, not
2020-05-08 00:16:59 -05:00
Rob French 7ba147b06d Added ability to send a command to the IOP, specifically a mode change
command (to SSB, DIGI, or CW; although DIGI is currently not actually
2020-05-03 23:30:44 -05:00
Rob French 1aa9ce1bd6 In theory, the code has now been modified to allow CW transmission when
used with the IOP.  However, at the moment, there is no way to put the
IOP into CW mode.

Intended behavior:
PTT/Key in SSB = transmit (PTT)
PTT/Key in CW = key down
2020-05-03 23:04:02 -05:00
Rob French 44c6c86838 Updated CAT to support interoperability with uBITX I/O Processor (IOP). 2020-05-03 22:00:02 -05:00
Rob French 913f1d0781 Misc small changes. 2020-04-28 21:56:47 -05:00
Rob French 494bfa409e Made some changes to disable the keyer so it doesn't go into transmit
mode when I start up.  Doesn't seem to compile, however...
2020-04-28 21:45:35 -05:00
phdlee a4d9f6e6c5 changed version number for nextion lcd protocol 2019-04-06 16:35:46 +09:00
phdlee 05de66a038 uBITX V5 suppoort and SDR Frequency Change 2019-04-02 23:09:18 +09:00
phdlee 2c075d5236 for uBITX v5 2019-02-15 19:32:07 +09:00
phdlee 450f57ae0f Added Custom LPF Control 2018-09-22 18:56:23 +09:00
phdlee 9ff8365c3f Add Custom LPF Filter and Changed Version Number 2018-09-07 23:37:23 +09:00
phdlee e79dbdbbe7 for Release Version 1.097 2018-08-06 13:59:55 +09:00
phdlee 7c1ee29500 Before Release V1.096 2018-07-28 18:53:28 +09:00
phdlee 4ee3631db0 Change menu type (selectable functions) 2018-07-17 21:10:45 +09:00
phdlee c27bbf1b6b Apply DSP meter to all lcd types 2018-07-17 20:41:17 +09:00
phdlee b984f62dfd Add I2C Scan, Change DSP Meter I2C 2018-07-17 20:13:06 +09:00
phdlee 41548163cf Support I2C S-Meter 2018-07-17 11:21:24 +09:00
phdlee 1ce889eef0 Release v1.095 Beta 2018-07-05 19:18:22 +09:00
phdlee dd43ba4c33 Modified about Loopback protocol 2018-06-28 23:29:06 +09:00
phdlee fe44c703c5 define eeprom map for external device and send eeprom data to nextion lcd 2018-06-19 11:17:58 +09:00
phdlee 22bb9ee112 Release 1.093Beta 2018-06-17 01:19:37 +09:00
phdlee c73fffb25b Modified Spectrum Protocol 2018-06-16 23:03:47 +09:00
phdlee 82177199c4 Increase Buffer for SW Serial and Modified Protocol for EEProm 2018-06-16 21:45:55 +09:00
phdlee 0e13dd0267 modified Checksum logic for Nextion LCD 2018-06-15 21:43:56 +09:00
phdlee c602fdde7c Add EEProm Read by Nextion LCD Reversed order 2018-06-15 20:48:51 +09:00
phdlee edadce7d89 add protocol about eeprom 2018-06-15 10:34:52 +09:00
phdlee 9da71429cb added protocol 2018-06-13 23:15:58 +09:00
phdlee 3050374504 Second Deploy for Nextion LCD 2018-06-12 00:30:50 +09:00
phdlee 152b63a9ed Added SW Trigger, Spectrum Protocol, Get ADC Protocol 2018-06-11 22:06:42 +09:00
phdlee 72ccd3b0e4 modified protocol for nextion lcd 2018-06-09 18:26:11 +09:00
phdlee e81413fa02 Support Nextion LCD 2018-06-09 17:13:26 +09:00
phdlee 67cdd14945 modified comments 2018-05-23 15:28:00 +09:00
phdlee b375b7e9e4 modified some comments 2018-05-23 15:20:10 +09:00
phdlee 8a6e01e289 improve external switch check routine 2018-05-23 15:07:37 +09:00
phdlee 83dc1de18e fixed mode change 2018-05-22 11:37:10 +09:00
phdlee 6a2369bc27 Fixed Band Select Bug 2018-05-09 16:53:40 +09:00
phdlee 76d5c362d0 complete test for Factory Recovery 2018-05-07 14:08:22 +09:00
phdlee 70fc6aeba8 Add Factory Recovery function 2018-05-07 13:56:46 +09:00