Bourne Shell powered zero-conf static site generator, gopher log phriendly, & ultra portable - originally created to create simple www web logs turns out to work pretty darn well for phlogs. use. fork. enjoy! (now the Official Repo!) :E
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# helps facilitate the applications of multiple filters in-line
# set as teh main vee-filter, and it will apply the stream to the
# set filters in the order listed
use strict;
use warnings;
# define filter dir here
my $FILTERDIR = "sample-filters/";
# add new filters to the list - note, they are run in top-down order
# warning - filters are not checked for existence first
my @FILTERS = (
# automated from here on out - do not touch
my $FILTERS = join("|",@FILTERS);
my $out = "";
# loop over STDIN and capture qscript
while (<>) {
$out .= $_;
# open pipe to filters, execute
open(FILTER, "|$FILTERS");
# send contents of qscript to filters
print FILTER $out;