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The goals of the current additions are:
1. to create a suite of vee related tools that function harmoniously in the Unix way
2. eventually fold vee-ified tools into vee itself, thus making vee itself an application
built out of these special tools
The goals above represent the desire to transform into something that represents the Unix
traditions as closely as possible. In doing so, maximal flexibility will be achieved. For
example, vee's largest weakness is that post management is virtually nonexistent. It's my
hope to provide the commandline tools that make it possible to write very interesting post
management tools. And ultimately, vee itself will be more about putting together these tools
to provide the expected functionality that vee has come to provide.
This approach is opposite of trying to make vee a kitchen-sink type of application. I wish
to take it in the opposite direction, and in doing so hope to better serve those using this
application even better.